Appreciating the Slow Burn on “Fear”


***Before we begin, first I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts. Damsel Cannibal’s lovely husband is ill and she needs time to help him heal. So your understanding and happy thoughts are greatly appreciated.***


Now if you’ve been hanging out with me through the live tweets for Fear the Walking Dead then you should probably know that I am loving this slow burn for this spin off. Sadly not everyone seem to appreciate what Kirkman is trying to do differently with this spin off. Here are the major complaints I’ve seen so far:

  • It’s too slow
  • Not enough zombies
  • Too much talking

Are we really that shallow of an audience that all we want to see is zombies eating people and survivors killing zombies? In my mind that would get old quickly. Kirkman has already stated that this is not going to be a rehashing of The Walking Dead. He wanted this to be more of a family drama than “zombie kill of the week”. More importantly this is supposed to show what happened during the time that Rick Grimes was in a coma. We’ve all asked the same questions: How did it start? What did the Government do? Are there other survivors out there? These are some of the questions that we’re going to be answered with this series.

We also have a better chance at getting to know our characters. We saw how they were before the apocalypse, how they were when there were hints that zombies were walking around, and how they were when the shit really hit the fan. I think this was smart because you can relate to at least one of these characters. Personally, I relate more to the Salazars. My dad pretty much has the same attitude as Daniel Salazar when it come to emergencies. Trust no one!

I like how we see the characters in this series respond to the disaster as it unfolds. With The Walking Dead, we were mostly experiencing these things from Rick’s Point of View when civilization already went down the toilet. With Fear the Walking Dead we see how everything collapsed and who has the better chance of survival. Personally, I think that Nick the Addict, Daniel Salazar, and Strands are the ones that are going to handle the zombie apocalypse the best.

I’m sure that the zombies are going to get more frequent as the next season progresses. But I still want to point out that if you just want to watch people killing zombies then stick with the zombie movies because both TV series is about the characters not the zombies