Let’s Support Preacher Six!


Alrighty, Everyone! Let’s get together and talk about supporting Independent Films!

So I’m cruising the Twitterverse when a lovely group called Hollywood Magic Productions sent me a message asking for some support for their new project, Preacher Six. So I follow the white rabbit to their GoFundMe page to check out what this project is.

Honestly, they had me at “If you like Quinten Tarantino films, you’ll love this one!!” Who doesn’t love Tarantino? Anyway, the page goes on to describe this project as Taxi Driver meets Sin City….I fucking love Sin City!

Of course, when you generously donate to this project, you’ll get awesome rewards such as: a Shout Out on Twitter, a signed Postcard, a signed DVD, name in Credits, etc. Obviously, you’ll need to check out the GoFundMe page HERE to see the rewards that go with the amount of donations.

Anyway, check out their page and go on their Twitter HERE and see what’s up!

Check this out!

“Lake Alice” at IndieLounge


This is more of a news alert about an upcoming indie horror film. So let’s talk about LAKE ALICE!

LAKE ALICE is about a family getting together in an isolate cabin so they can get to know the daughter’s newest beau. While there, they begin to notice strange footprints around the property as well as hearing strange noises outside. Are they being watched? Most likely. But by whom? As a blizzard kills their chances of escape, the family struggles to stay alive while dodging these nefarious psychopaths out to get them.

The world premiere of this film will be at IndieLounge by invitation only on January 22nd. The actress, Eileen Dietz, will also attend the event. If you haven’t checked out her work I recommend you do. This lady has had an extensive career within the horror genre. It sucks that the event is by invitation only but hopefully it’ll be available to the rest of us mere mortals soon.  Anyway, it look like it’ll be great fun! kinda like THE STRANGERS meets SCREAM. I’m looking forward to it.

Check out the trailer above

Flatliners….The Sequel?



Ok kiddos. It looks like Hollywood is going back to the sequel/reboot game. This time we’ll be seeing the sequel to the 1990 movie FLATLINERS.

In case you don’t know what FLATLINERS(1990) is….It’s basically about a group of medial students who do the stereotypical mad scientist thing and ignore the “just because you can doesn’t mean you should philosophy”. They decide it will be an excellent idea to perform near-death experiences. What follows is a whole mess of shit from the Other Side haunting them.

So far we don’t have any other information other than who is directing(Niels Arden Oplev) and who is going to be in it. Personally, I’m ridiculously happy that I’m going to see Diego Luna’s beautiful face on the American Silver Screen again.

Just look at that smile….


……..What was I saying? Oh right, FLATLINERS(2017)!

So far there isn’t much information about the film other than it’s a sequel, NOT a reboot, and it takes place 27 years after the original movie. There’s also a small list of cast members such as Kiefer Sutherland, Diego Luna, Ellen Page, and Nina Dobrev. The release date is also September 29, 2017. Hey! That’s my birth month!

Will you guys be watching it? I know I will.

The Year 2017!




Alright, bitches! It’s time to start the year over and think about what the fuck we’re going to do with ourselves. While 2016 might’ve kicked some of us in the nuts we’re going to brush ourselves off and enter the new year like a boss!

I actually like setting New Years Resolutions for myself. I have them pinned on my door next to my calendar. So far I have write more often, practice my French and Spanish, learn how to cook, and cut back on the TV.

And, of course, update more often! We’ll see how the year goes and what the horror genre has to offer us!

You guys got anything planned for 2017?