Just a Quick GISHWHES Update


WOW! This is definitely an experience I want to repeat next year. It’s was a little crazy but once I made peace with the fact that my team needed me, I pushed forward. Granted I didn’t do some of the crazy things on the list, but I did at least get my hands on the artsy stuff.

I won’t be able to say much about the Items on the list until GISHWHES is offically over, but I will say this………Starbucks baristas are very uncooperative. Seriously, I wasn’t asking for much!

Anyway, I’ll have more when the week is over.

~Damsel Bruja

GISHWHES is on the rise!



So this year I, Damsel Bruja, have decided to do something extremely crazy and possibly life changing……I’m going to do GISHWHES!

GISHWHES stands for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen and it was started by Supernatrual star Misha Collins. On August 2, 2014 the Hunt will begin and he will most likely ask us to do crazy things but if he asks me to jump out of a plane wearing a tutu while singing God Save the Queen, I’m not fucking doing it.

Anyway, this is all for charity and a chance to break a world record. GISHWHES has already broken 5 world records and I think that would be cool to be a part of. Unfortunately, registration is closed so maybe next year you all can sign up. If you can’t afford it, like me, you can sign up for a “gishcholarship” and hope someone is generous enough to sponsor you. Someone did this for me and I’ll be forever thankful.

Anyway, my team is IDontThinkSo and I hope that we have what it takes to get half the things on the list! I’m super excited but really nervous too. I’ve seen some of the things that were one past lists and I’m a little worried I won’t be able to get some of these things done. For example, one of them was find a machine that simulates skydiving and take a picture of yourself eating a sandwich(extra points if it’s a sloppy joe) in it.

*sigh* Well, I’ll keep you updated on how I get some of the challenges done. Which Team IDontThinkSo luck and pray that I don’t get arrested or committed to the Funny Farm.