The Damsels

DAMSEL CANNIBAL, fearless leader and eater of clowns

Genres I’ll Die For:

literary, gothic, dystopian, Lovecraftian, speculative fiction, cross-genre with strong horror elements, erotic-horror, bizarro, slipstream, supernatural, old fashioned Hitchcock suspense, thrillers with kickass heroines, alternate history, futuristic sci-fi, black comedy, and spooky tales with non-white protagonists and LGBT characters. I can’t stress how much I love LGBT and Multicultural stories! Even if your submission doesn’t quite fit in the “horror” tent, I will make exceptions for lesbians/bisexuals/trans* and people of color.

Genres That Bore Me:

anything with dragons, elves, solar eclipses, werewolves, vampires, and time travel devices. For the love of peanut butter sandwiches, DO NOT send me romance, erotica, chick-lit, memoirs, or children’s books. Absolutely NO pedophilia, NO incest, NO thinly-veiled homophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, misogyny, etc. I’m not ruling out rape per se, but torture porn will NOT fly here.

FILMMAKERS: If your film has a monster or maniac in it I want to see it! Sleazy horror films are a guilty pleasure of mine. I’ll watch just about anything so long as there’s no illegal smut (pedophilia, bestiality, etc.)

Submit A Review Request to Damsel Cannibal at vicycross [at] gmail [dot] com OR damselswithchainsaws [at] gmail [dot] com

DAMSEL BRUJA, the sweetheart plotting world domination

Genres I Crave:

Literary, supernatural, psychological thrillers, murder mysteries, historical horror, science fiction, erotica (no incest, torture porn, bestiality etc), dark humor, anything with different cultures at it’s center, give me anything with a strong protagonist(preferably female) with  a mission, give me something where there is no Happily Ever After, give me something that will give me nightmares! As a rule I don’t take zombie, werewolf, vampire stories…but if you can convince me yours is amazing then I MIGHT read it. No promises!

Genres that make me Rage:

Typical zombie, werewolf, and vampires stories(especially ones that sparkle). Heard it, seen it, it’s been done before. I also don’t like “stereotypical” characters. We’ve all seen “the tough guy”, “the loner”, “the nerd”, “the slut”, “the class clown”, etc. Please make your characters more than that. Give them personality! Also no racism, anti-Semitic, homophobic remarks or anything else that inappropriate. You should know what that means.


I prefer a good story instead of plain boobs and gore. My taste in horror is all about the suspense! If there’s monsters, serial killers, or conspiracies that’ll keep me at the edge of my seat then I want to see it!

Submit a Review Request to Damsel Bruja at mgleal2001 [at] gmail [dot] com OR damselswithchainsaws [at] gmail [dot] com.

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