Appreciating the Slow Burn on “Fear”


***Before we begin, first I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts. Damsel Cannibal’s lovely husband is ill and she needs time to help him heal. So your understanding and happy thoughts are greatly appreciated.***


Now if you’ve been hanging out with me through the live tweets for Fear the Walking Dead then you should probably know that I am loving this slow burn for this spin off. Sadly not everyone seem to appreciate what Kirkman is trying to do differently with this spin off. Here are the major complaints I’ve seen so far:

  • It’s too slow
  • Not enough zombies
  • Too much talking

Are we really that shallow of an audience that all we want to see is zombies eating people and survivors killing zombies? In my mind that would get old quickly. Kirkman has already stated that this is not going to be a rehashing of The Walking Dead. He wanted this to be more of a family drama than “zombie kill of the week”. More importantly this is supposed to show what happened during the time that Rick Grimes was in a coma. We’ve all asked the same questions: How did it start? What did the Government do? Are there other survivors out there? These are some of the questions that we’re going to be answered with this series.

We also have a better chance at getting to know our characters. We saw how they were before the apocalypse, how they were when there were hints that zombies were walking around, and how they were when the shit really hit the fan. I think this was smart because you can relate to at least one of these characters. Personally, I relate more to the Salazars. My dad pretty much has the same attitude as Daniel Salazar when it come to emergencies. Trust no one!

I like how we see the characters in this series respond to the disaster as it unfolds. With The Walking Dead, we were mostly experiencing these things from Rick’s Point of View when civilization already went down the toilet. With Fear the Walking Dead we see how everything collapsed and who has the better chance of survival. Personally, I think that Nick the Addict, Daniel Salazar, and Strands are the ones that are going to handle the zombie apocalypse the best.

I’m sure that the zombies are going to get more frequent as the next season progresses. But I still want to point out that if you just want to watch people killing zombies then stick with the zombie movies because both TV series is about the characters not the zombies


Jonathan Strage & Mr. Norrell


Catch Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell on Saturdays on BBC!

I am not an anglophile like Damsel Bruja. I find most popular British television marketed to American audiences incomprehensible, but Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is refreshing, compelling, and dare I say, exciting? The first two episodes aired on BBCAmerica so you can catch up if you start now. I think English viewers are already on episode six?

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is an alternate historical story set during the Napoleonic Wars. The main characters, Jonathan and Norrell are two very different magicians destined to make magic respectable in England again. No longer the stuff of parlor tricks, magic can be applied to aid the war effort. Norrell is nervous, introverted, and socially awkward where Jonathan is a likable idiot whose failed attempts to win over his lady friend are used for comic relief. I’ve never seen anything like this! (No, it’s nothing like Harry Potter–thank god) There’s necromancy, supernatural deities, prophecies, and an unusual wit about the whole thing.

Not a fan of BBC? That’s OK. Apparently Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is based on the bestselling book of the same title by British fantasy/specfic author, Susanna Clark. I’ve only watched the first episode, but my fondness for female sf/f/h/specfic authors will probably lead me to the library this week. Fun fact: it took Susaana Clark TEN YEARS to finish the novel and several failed attempts to get it published. She was told her book was “unmarketable.” Ha. Showed them, right? I love author success stories like these and I can’t wait to read the book.

It’s rare I come across a series with original, refreshing material, but THIS is it. And I’m excited to sink my teeth into Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Set your DVRs, run to your library and watch/read with me. Trailer below.

Watch “Horror Hotel” episodes online!


Horror Hotel is a 6 episode miniseries you can watch online.

Horror Hotel is an online anthology web series in the spirit of Alfred Hitchcock and the Twilight Zone. I knew nothing about the web series before sitting down to watch it. Luckily (thankfully?) the episodes are all under 20min and you can watch the entire first season in just an hour.

And the best part is it’s free! Take your pick on Hulu, Youtube, or  just watch them all HERE:

Best episode, “Guillotine:”

Some of the episodes are laughably bad, like “Bookworm,” which I wouldn’t recommend anyone watch. “Tesla’s Tooth” has a unique, premise about telepathy and inventions. “Guillotine” is about a cutthroat beauty queen (pun intended, har har har…I hate myself) who covets Marie Antoinette’s cursed beauty token. All the episodes are a little on the goofy side, but I’ve come to expect that from anthology horror films. The quality varies from episode to episode. If you’re bored and not opposed to campy acting or ugly wallpaper, give this web series a go.

I don’t know if I would watch season two unless there was absolutely nothing else on. Last night was such a night. I’ll probably watch season two with the same tired reluctance I brought with the first.

“Bookworm” is just 1omin. Because I’m a little sadistic, I’ll include it here. Fair warning, it’s terrible. But I do this for you, my minions…

Odessa (Short Film Review)

Odessa (2015) won Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film at the Gaspirilla International Film Awards.

Odessa (2015) won Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film at the Gasparilla International Film Awards.

This taut, gripping, short film horrified me more for its relevant, real-word authenticity than its well-written suspense. Odessa (2015) won Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film at the Gasparilla International Film Awards in Tampa. It’s only 13min long but packs a powerful punch. The submission came rather mysteriously, but I’m hopeful for everyone involved that a possible TV series comes from this.

Directed by: Sean Michael Turrell of Toronto Canada (

Written by: Doug Johnson of New York (

Starring: Ricky Wayne (The Walking Dead), Grace Santos (Dhoom 3),Will Haze (Banshee), and Anthony Escobar (Prison Break).


Odessa (2015) will also be showing at Cannes’ Short Film Corner this May 2015, along with two other of Grace Santos’ productions: A Tricky Treat (directed by Patricia Chica) and Election Night (directed by Tessa Blake).

The story is about a desperate young mother’s harrowing escape across the Texas border after the Texas Secession. There’s not a lot of dialogue, which adds to the film’s suspense and nail-biting claustrophobia. We watch her sneak onto an army base and steal gasoline. We don’t know why she’s doing this, but her leg is bleeding and her eyes are sharp with fear. By the time we see the Texas border fence, the situation becomes clear and we fear even more for the woman as she crawls on her hands and knees as Texas Republic border patrol officers shoot guns at her, killing her companion. In the final minutes of the film, the audience is shown what the perilous border crossing and gasoline was all for. I won’t spoil it for you, but my god, it’s heartbreaking.

Once the credits rolled by I found myself stewing in contemplative silence for several long minutes. I live in Texas. I realized it could happen here. That it does happen here. And I appreciated Odessa’s exquisite speculative slant on border town issues.

More information about the film/series:

Official Website:

Social Media:

I’ll definitely keep my eye out for these filmmakers. If and when the series is greenlit, I’ll be back again with another review. A+++

A Tale of Two Ricks


So I was recently given a copy of “The Walking Dead: Compendium One” as an early Easter present (thanks, Mom!). After reading it in a few days I came to realize the big differences between Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln and the Rick Grimes from comic books.

Let start off by saying that I saw the TV show first. I remember watching the series premiere with my cousin on Halloween and was totally blown away by it. I’ve been a fan ever since and have even made my dad a fan…and he’s famous for hating the monster genre! One of the biggest debates he and I have had is about Rick. I love Rick, I think he’s a good leader but sometimes he makes the dumbest decisions and it took him FOREVER to adapt to his surroundings.

Comic Book Rick is a different story. After reading my comic book, I loved Rick even more. Here’s why, he wasn’t afraid to make hard choices and he wasn’t afraid to defend his actions.

One major difference I noticed between the Two Ricks is that everybody thought that Rick was crazy when he killed an inmate to protect the group (see picture above). They were disgusted and kept repeating, “Rick, you’re losing your mind”…..Really? He just saved your ungrateful asses! As a person reading the situation you understand that Rick’s actions are right, they may be horrible in today’s society, but he’s doing whatever it takes to survive. Somehow the rest of the group didn’t get that.

In the TV show, the roles are reversed. We all remember that scene where Rick points a gun a Merle and says, “We don’t kill the living!” A few season later, Rick realizes that the greatest threat in the zombie apocalypse are humans. But not before he literally loses his sanity when Lori dies. I feel that the writer’s decided that out of all the people in the survivor group they chose Rick to be the example of humanity deteriorating.

I don’t know. All I know is, I love the Comic Book Rick more than TV Rick. Although, after watching the season finale when the group goes to Terminus, I think we’ll be seeing more of Comic Rick in the seasons to come.