Review Policy

Damsels With Chainsaws accepts review requests from small-press horror authors, graphic novelists, and indie filmmakers. Submit poorly-edited self-published books at your own peril. We expect professionalism and will turn down any request that does not meet our standards. Please familiarize yourself with the Damsels’ preferences before submitting.

Not scared yet? Submit by email:

    • A brief description of yourself and the work (genre, word count, length of film, publisher, awards, credentials, etc.)
    • Blurb or short synopsis
    • Buy links, trailers, cover art, or anything else you want included in the review
    • Your preferred social media where our readers can reach you (twitter, facebook, blog, website, etc.)
    • Electronic copy of your book/graphic novel (.pdf, .mobi, .epub) or iTunes compatible file of your film

Damsel Cannibal will accept email at vicycross [at] gmail [dot] com, damselswithchainsaws [at] gmail [dot] com

Damsel Bruja will accept email at mgleal2001 [at] gmail [dot] com

If interested in guest blogging, interviews, blog hops, or giveaway services, please include that in your query letter.

Response Time: The Damsels are busy girls, but we’ll try to respond to each properly-formatted review request within 2 weeks time. Should we decide to review your work, we will post the review on Damsels With Chainsaws, goodreads, or Amazon, or a review site of your choice. In addition, we  will share your review on our facebook boards and twitter feeds. Looking forward to your submission!

Nightmarishly yours,

Damsels With Chainsaws

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