Mr. Bucket has never been more terrifying…


Do you remember Mr. Bucket? The lovable children’s toy from the 80s and 90s? I do. And it scared the shit out of then and still does now. Why does he want to suck on my balls? Why is this perverted toy for kids?

Mr. Bucket just wants to suck on your balls, kids.

My husband is a fan of The Angry Video Game Nerd (or Cinemassacre) on youtube and has been binge-watching James’ stuff for the past two months. I heard him cackling on the sofa and then he showed me the Mr. Bucket vid. If you aren’t familiar with Angry Video Game Nerd or Cinemassacre’s, you should definitely check out more of his videos. They’re all as hilarious as this Mr. Bucket skit. And don’t doubt for one second that youtubers aren’t “real” filmmakers. They work just as hard (if not harder) than the bigger names in the indie film circuit.

Or catch more on Twitter: @CineMassacre or @Mike_Matei

God bless Youtubers.

Watch “Horror Hotel” episodes online!


Horror Hotel is a 6 episode miniseries you can watch online.

Horror Hotel is an online anthology web series in the spirit of Alfred Hitchcock and the Twilight Zone. I knew nothing about the web series before sitting down to watch it. Luckily (thankfully?) the episodes are all under 20min and you can watch the entire first season in just an hour.

And the best part is it’s free! Take your pick on Hulu, Youtube, or ┬ájust watch them all HERE:

Best episode, “Guillotine:”

Some of the episodes are laughably bad, like “Bookworm,” which I wouldn’t recommend anyone watch. “Tesla’s Tooth” has a unique, premise about telepathy and inventions. “Guillotine” is about a cutthroat beauty queen (pun intended, har har har…I hate myself) who covets Marie Antoinette’s cursed beauty token. All the episodes are a little on the goofy side, but I’ve come to expect that from anthology horror films. The quality varies from episode to episode. If you’re bored and not opposed to campy acting or ugly wallpaper, give this web series a go.

I don’t know if I would watch season two unless there was absolutely nothing else on. Last night was such a night. I’ll probably watch season two with the same tired reluctance I brought with the first.

“Bookworm” is just 1omin. Because I’m a little sadistic, I’ll include it here. Fair warning, it’s terrible. But I do this for you, my minions…

Jessica’s Room: A Review


Director: Erik J. Knight

Starring: Erik Knight, Deacon Ledges, James Warnock, Allison King, David Jite, James Fowler, and John Demitri

Now this is what Indie Horror is about! It’s not about the budget, it’s about the presentation.

The film is about a haunted(or possessed) house where a girl named Jessica Owens murdered her parents and a couple other adults. When ghost hunter John Street dies in the house, he close friend Sevin gathers a small group to investigate Street’s death. You have Melanie, Eddie, Mark, and Steve that make up his rag-tag group. Melanie is the one who doesn’t want to be there, Eddie is Sevin’s support, and then there’s Mark and Steve who are the comic relief to the film.

This film was made on a $5,000! It’s also important to add that Mr. Knight knew absolutely nothing about film making. That being said, this was a great start! Like I said, this is what Indie Horror is all about. While watching this on youtube, I couldn’t help but frown at the comments. Many viewer complained about the acting…IT’S A $5,000 BUDGET! You’re not going to find Jennifer Garner or Brad Pitt anywhere. Honestly I thought that the amateur acting was charming.

Now the effect were what kept me hooked. Scared the shit out of me! Not in a bad way where I won’t sleep, but in the best way where I’m like “holy crap! This is awesome!” I’m definitely going to recommend this to all my friends.

Here’s the video!