The Tortured: A Review


Director: Robert Lieberman

Starring: Erika Christensen and Jesse Metcalfe

Let’s get on with the gory madness! A couple experience the most terrifying thing a parent can go through…the murder of their child. For sum unknown reason, their son’s killer get 25 to life with possibility of parole. That just won’t do. So they plan on kidnapping the killer while he’s being transported and torture him to death. ¬†JUSTICE!!

I liked this movie because of how it presented the pain of both parents. Most movies focus on how the mother feels with the whole “I gave birth to him” speech. With this they show how the mother feels and the heartbreak of the father blaming himself. There’s also the point in the relationship where they blame each other. Until the killer is given his sentence and they decide that the only justice is making him feel the same pain their son went through.

The torture bits were pretty gruesome. Since the father is a doctor he had all kinds of med to keep the guy awake. ¬†Watching this guy get tortured I didn’t know whether to be right there with the parents and cheer or be horrified that someone was being tortured. I can’t talk more about without spoilers and I promised myself I’d do my best to avoid spoilers. So I’d say that was good but not great. I’d give it a B.

In closing I pose some questions: Were they torturing this guy for justice or were they torturing him just because it made them feel good? If the latter then doesn’t that make them just as bad as the killer?

Liberator: A Review


So this is my first comic/graphic novel that I’ve read. Damsel Cannibal was kind enough to let me borrow it. Well, I didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or think it was pretty badass. I say hysterically because I love making fun yuppie groups like PETA. Although I do hate people who abuse animals. I thought this was badass because the main character Damon is my kind of hero. He doesn’t go looking for attention and doesn’t make a show of what he does. He has a mission, he makes a plan, and he executes that plan. Jeannette on the other hand is all about running around the streets shouting “FUR IS MURDER!!”

Anyway, the basic set up of this comic is that Damon and Jeannette are animal rights people. They hate any form of animal abuse. Jeannette organizes protest against furs, chicken abuse, dog fights etc. But most of the time she gets arrested for her troubles. Damon on the other hand is more of a vigilante. He hangs out in the shadows and takes matters into his own hands.

I also liked how it subtly reminded you about animal abuse. I don’t think people are as aware of it as they think. I mean I almost had a shit-fit when I heard that some of my neighbors were hosting Rooster Fights! Don’t worry, those neighbors have since had their chickens and roosters removed. It’s important that we are reminded that animals have feelings and should be respected.

At first I didn’t think that I would like it. I’m serious I didn’t want to like it. But it was actually pretty cool. Like I said earlier, Damon is my kind of character. He doesn’t show off. I’d actually recommend it to anybody.