Sharktopus Vs. Whalewolf Live Tweet


Which shark-themed SyFy movie is your favorite? There’s Sharknado 1, 2, and 3, Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda and Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus…are there any more?

I’m live-tweeting my reaction (@DWCHorror) to Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf at 2pm central time. Feel free to join in and laugh along. I’m rooting for #TeamWhalewolf. #TeamSharktopus is going down.

Full movie streamed HERE.

Splinter(2008): A Review


Director: Toby Wilkins

Starring: Shea Whigham, Jill Wagner, Paulo Costanzo

In this twisted film, a young couple are trapped in an isolated gas station with an escaped convict. Sounds like a bad joke right? Well, that bad joke doesn’t have a spiky parasite that snatches living hosts and stitches them together in a creepy, Picasso inspired monster. The three captives must work together to combat this monster before they become a part of this patchwork parasite.

 I didn’t think it was a bad movie. It wasn’t an amazing movie but I found it entertaining and creepy. I turned into that viewer who yells at the TV saying, “No! Don’t go there!” or “Bitch, look behind you!!!” I thought it was completely gross how the parasite would latch onto a person and the creepy sound it made…ICK! My favorite scene was where it latched onto an amputated hand and it scuttled across the floor like a spider! One of the things that added to the terror was you never saw the creature completely. You saw bits and pieces of it throughout the movie and then, if I remember correctly, at the end you see it.

Your imagination plays tricks with you. Like I said, I enjoyed it and I recommend that you watch it.

I give it a B+


Gory Diseases in “Helix”


Although I worked in a lab for only a semester I understand the tedious work that goes into these studies. So I think that’s one of the reasons I was drawn to this show. That and the idea of an apocalyptic disease spreading in a super secret base where everyone has secrets. Here. We. Go!

Helix is about a group of from the CDC and the military who travel to a research facility in the Arctic called Arctic Biosystems to help contain a deadly virus. Dr. Alan Farragut (Billy Campbell) is the head of the CDC team while Dr. Hiroshi Hatake (Hiroyuki Sanada) is the head of the Arctic Biosystems facility. Dr. Farragut’s main interest in the case is his brother, Peter (Neil Napier), is the main “Vector” spreading the disease throughout the facility through an insanely black goopy mouth-to-mouth regurgitation.

So far I’m very pleased with what I’ve seen. The first reason: I love the characters! Everyone of them has a secret, but you don’t know what it is. So far Sanada’s character is my favorite, he’s a little creepy and very mysterious. During the scenes with Dr. Julia Walker(Kyra Zagorsky), I wasn’t sure if he was going to kill her or kiss her! Dr. Farragut is really annoying. He’s more of the do-gooder who wouldn’t kill a patient even if said patient trying to kill them. I kinda foresee a “Team Rick” vs “Team Shane” scenario in upcoming episodes.

The second thing I really enjoy is the virus. It’s not a zombie virus, where you die then come back as a feeding machine. It’s something else that mutates you into this violent super-intelligent disease spreading monster. For those who aren’t on of the “Vectors” (the disease spreaders) you get the disease and die….then your body decays into a pool of black goop. Bring on the gore!!!

The third thing that I’m really going to enjoy is the talk about ethics. Remember when a said there will be a “Team Rick” vs “Team Shane” scenario? It’s going to be “Team Farragut” vs “Team Hatake” fighting over how to save lives. For example, in one scene an infected person was making their way toward a non-infected group. She was warned not to come closer and when she ignored them the security officer shot her, but didn’t kill her. Farragut was already preaching about not shooting sick people. Save one or save the whole base…I choose save the whole base.

There are so many things going on and questions that need answers. For example, who does Dr. Hatake and Major Balleseros(Mark Ghanimé) really work for? Why does Hatake have a photo album of Dr. Julia Walker? Why are Hatake’s eyes a weird glimmering silver? And what is up with the happy Sims music in the background? Seriously, to me that adds to the horror.