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Just in case you all weren’t aware, We Damsels have our own Twitter account!

Normally I, Damsel Bruja, am the one who likes to fiddle with the Twitter account. The reason is I have my own personal account strictly for personal use. However Damsel Cannibal has another Twitter account where she likes to talk to anyone and everyone in the Indie Horror circuit.

Feel free to follow us and comment on our posts. Or if you just want to talk about some randomness in the Horror genre then by all means send us a message.

I’d also like to take this moment to say that I’ll be using the Damsels with Chainsaws twitter to live tweet during Penny Dreadful. So far this is my favorite show on TV that has to do with horror and I’m hoping there are other Dreadfuls out there who like it too.

Send us a tweet and keep an eye on some live tweet action!

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"I'll Be Right Back" Halloween Cupcakes


We Damsels are going to be on a small break for the next few weeks. Damsel Cannibal is making a big move and it’s gonna be hard writing some amazing posts when you’re busy unpacking and getting settled into a gorgeous house.


Check out our new Twitter header!

So while you wait for more updates from us why not check out our Twitter page: @DWCHorror to see what crazy comments we come up with. Leave us a comment, ask us a question, share some pics, etc. We want to hear from you!


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