Death Ray Potato Bake


Death Ray Potato Bake by Teresa Hawk (image source:

I only know (knew?) Teresa Hawk from Twitter. She used to tweet all the time but I haven’t seen her around in months. I would provide her handle but her account is no longer active. For shame. Her tweets were hilarious. Anyway.

I happened to receive “Death Ray Potato Bake” for free on Amazon Kindle months ago but forgot about the thing until I saw it in my library today. It was St. Patrick’s Day–Irish people and potatoes are stereotyped together, so what the hell, I thought. Might as well be festive. And I read it.

So many authors try (and miss the mark) to be both funny and suspenseful, but Teresa Hark succeeds on both counts. What an entertaining read! Who doesn’t fantasize about killing their mother? With a potato?

Bizarre, smartly-written, and creative. I would recommend this little short for people who take a dash of dark comedy with their horror. Her writing style is dry, mocking, and effortlessly funny without calling attention to itself. I smiled the whole way through. Solid five stars. I know Teresa Hawk has written other short stories and so I will be definitely read more as soon as I am able.

Check out her books Goodreads.

Happy reading!

Silent Baby Screams: A Review


Just the title alone was enough to make me say, “I have to read this”.  This is another story by Regina Puckett.

So this is about a new mother who adores her baby but her husband is a bit jealous. When she goes to work, she calls the babysitter to check in but Daddy Dearest didn’t drop the baby off. Now with her son missing one has to wonder. Did daddy kill baby? Or is she just paranoid?

I thought this short story was awesome! I’m not going to give too much away, but I do love twist endings! Normally stories about children are being hurt upset me. I don’t like seeing or reading about these things, but this story was mostly focused on every mother’s fear about losing her child. What makes the nightmare worse is that the prime suspect is the baby’s father.

Again because it’s a short story I can’t talk more about it without giving the rest of the plot away. Check it out! This one is definitely a blast to read.

Ours: A Review


 You know…I’m starting to like reviewing short stories. I found this one on my NOOK for a dollar so I thought “why the hell not?”

This short story was written by Regina Puckett. It’s about this cop who has to escort a group of paranormal investigators to an old insane asylum. While there he gets to see if the stories of the haunted mad house is real or is it just a fun story used for Halloween.

I was a little confused with what was going on. Maybe I was reading it too fast or something just got lost. There came a point where we see if it’s just one big joke or not. Somewhere along the way, the town decided to open the asylum and decorate it for Halloween so they could bring in some business. But then the paranormal investigators are there at the same time. Wouldn’t that cause some interference? I don’t know. I’m not saying it’s a bad story, I enjoyed it. I’m just saying I got a little lost somewhere along the way.

Anyway, feel free to check it out. Maybe you understand it better than I could.

The Gathering: A Review


You’d think I’d get tired of zombies but I’m still ready for more. What I found interesting is that this particular story is that it is set somewhere other than LA or New York. This was actually set in London and me being an Anglophile I was pretty excited. Anyway this short story run parallel to Marik’s novel End Storm.

This story focuses on a few people when the zombie apocalypse hits London. We see a mysterious cloud, a boom/earthquake, people collapsing, then getting back up and attacking people. We see Mr. Shah, James, James’ dad, and Alice. Each has their own perspective on the zombie disaster.

Since it’s a short story I don’t want to mention too many scenes otherwise I’ll ruin it for you. Anyway, I just loved how it started! With James running for his life in the woods. At first you think that the zombie apocalypse has already started or we’re right in the middle of it! But it turns out James is running from his dad because he thought it was brilliant to vandalize his headmaster’s car. Oooh! Good trick. They later witness the zombies’ rise on their way back to London. In London we see Mr. Shah going through another day at his shop. This slowly start to escalate as people collapse, get back up, and attack.

The mayhem was scary to read because of the mass panic, you know with people running everywhere and not knowing what to do. I thought Marik did an excellent job describing the being of this apocalypse and how the people reacted to it. I thought that Mr. Shah was a believable character and that’s how I like them.

This short story leads to two more and I will have those soon. I promise! But if you don’t want to wait for me why not go ahead and check them out for yourself. I got mine on my NOOK for free and I look forward to starting Marik’s End Storm saga once I get the chance.

Check out his website at:

The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over (Review)


I met the author of this  short story on Goodreads. It was free on smashwords, and so I sat down and gave it a go.

To be fair, this story is more erotica than horror, but I’m always down for smut. However I was disappointed that the Alpha Wolf played such a teensy role. The premise of the story is pretty basic: slutty step-sisters at summer camp discover urban legend about an Alpha Wolf’s insatiable lust for virgins. I was hoping to see more doggy-stalking and frothy, teen homicides in the woods, but alas. I guess there is only so much you can pack into a 3,000 word story. Anyway, the story wasn’t bad. Just not what the title advertised. The slutty stepsisters got more action from human boys than werewolves. It was a free story so I don’t feel gipped. But yeah, don’t go into it thinking you’ll see lots of carnage and beastly transformations. This isn’t that kind of story. Still, I’m glad I picked it up. 3.5 stars out of 5!