Christianity Takes a Stab at Horror with “The Lock In”


Just take a moment to process this sentence……you ready? Teens¬†terrorized by porno magazine.

Yes…you read that correctly. This is an attempt from a christian church to discourage people, particularly our youth, from dipping into ever sinful pornography.

Now for the Not-So-Surprising Plot: A group of kids attend their church “lock in”, which is basically a church retreat where you hang out for the weekend and don’t leave the church. One of these kids decides to bring a porno magazine as a joke, but then the rest of the lock in is filled with¬†Satan’s minions terrorizing the innocent. All because of a stupid porn magazine.

My questions: 1) Who reads porn mags anyway when you have the internet? 2) You’re in a church so why didn’t the campy kids hold hands and pray? That get’s rid of the Devi, right? 3) Does Holy Moly Pictures really think that kids are going to watch this and say, “Boobs are bad! Where’s my Purity ring?!”

Just watch the trailer. You’ll see what I mean….

Watch the Trailer: