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Gooooooooooood Morning, Horror Lovers!!! How are we today?

I figured I’d take a step back for a minute and talk about this massive pain in the ass I’ve been struggling with. I’m talking about that bastard known as WRITER’S BLOCK!

I’ve been having trouble getting back into the gory battle that is Horror Writing. At first I thought that it would be nice to take a break and focus on other things. I love you all but I do have a life outside of this blog and twitter. I was focused on finding a job, making sure I had the requirements to go to grad school, helping my mother out with her errands, church, etc. Suddenly I realized that I hadn’t written anything is so long. It got worse when I realized that the flash drive where I stored ALL of my work and been corrupted.

That felt like a punch to the lady nuts! Ouch! I had short stories, novellas, and ideas for novels stored on that thing. I wanted to cry. But I figured that there’s nothing I could do so I left it. I figured that maybe it was an opportunity to start fresh and create some new stories. That didn’t work out either. I just kept thinking about all my unfinished work trapped in a corrupted file. If there’s one thing I absolutely hate, it’s an unfinished project.

Since there was nothing I could really do, I decided that maybe now would be a good time to pick up a book and get lost in it. Damsel Cannibal has often recommended H.P. Lovecraft to me but I never got around to it. So the next time I headed to Barnes & Noble I picked up the first volume of the comic book HELLBLAZER and THE CALL OF CTHULU AND OTHER WEIRD STORIES. I must say I was hooked! I haven’t finished the whole thing yet but so far THE STATEMENT OF RANDOLPH CARTER is my favorite. I also didn’t realize that the ’80s movie REANIMATOR was based off of a Lovecraft story. I have seen that one and I think I’ll review it later.

Anyway, I was reading Lovecraft’s dark tales when all of a sudden I found it. I found my inspiration! Queue “You’re The Inspiration” by Chicago! I realized that while my finished works on my flash drive were gone…I still had the first drafts written down in notebooks. That’s how I like to write. I love taking a pen and putting it on paper. It also allows me to make notes and doodles in the margins. So I pulled out everything I’ve ever written and started marking what I wanted to edit and what I wanted to scrap.

I’m happy to announce that I’m back in the game! I’ve been going back to the short stories that I really loved and giving them the proper attention that they needed. Maybe losing all my work on the flash drive was the Universe saying that it was crap and I could to better. So I’ll be squeezing in time to write and send out submissions.

How about you guys? Have you ever had to wrestle with the Writer’s Block Monster? How do my fellow writers and artists stay motivated?





Honestly, I really wish that we celebrated Krampusnacht in America. What’s not to like about a Satanic Santa?

From my understanding, Krampus is like the hellish opposite of Santa Claus. The nice fat grandpa we know and love rewards good children with toys and treats while putting coal in a naughty child’s stocking. Krampus, on the other hand, is more about scaring kids straight. He prefers to drag asshole kids to Hell. Just note that it’s customary to offer schnapps where Santa likes milk and cookies.

I’ve seen some videos on youtube about past Krampusnacht festivals and it looks like so much fun! One of the things I observed is that this is a family celebrated holiday. We have children hanging out with a goblin-like creature. I can’t see the average yuppie parents approving of this holiday. Their precious snowflake children would piss their pants. Yeah, we have Halloween but I think it’s lost it’s scariness. Is that even a word? Anyway, I’d definitely be that parent who would bring my kid to this as a fun way to introduce them to the amazing world of horror.

Is there anyone here who celebrates Krampusnacht? Are there any cities in America where this is a thing? What do you guys think? Would you take your family to this festival?

Has It Really Been 3 Years?



Honestly where has the time gone? Anyways, I know that we Damsels haven’t really been good little girls and kept up with this blog. I’m not gonna bother with some long winded explanation, just know that we’ll be doing our best to stay focused for the rest of the year.

While I’m at it I’d like to wish everyone an amazing Thanksgiving! Remember what you’re thankful for and hold on to it. For those brave souls who will venture out on Black Friday….God Speed!

We’ll be seeing you!

The Damsels

“Blood Curdling” Isn’t Just a Cliché Anymore


I’ll watch horror if I want to!

So…I was cruising around the interwebs when I found this article about how horror movies can be bad for your health. Yet another thing that I love that can be bad for me…is there anything out there that is fun anymore?

According to The Science Times, people who watch horror movies can have an increase in a blood clotting protein called Factor VIII. Basically, scientists took blood from their test subjects before showing them movies. They were also asked a series of questions like gauging their fears on a scale from 0 to 10. One group watched a documentary while the other watched Insidious. Afterwards, the scientists took another sample of blood and found an increase in Factor VIII with the horror group. However, this increase won’t do anything to damage your health.

Personally, I would have chosen The Conjuring as the movie to show the horror group. Or maybe Earthlings. Granted Earthlings isn’t a horror movie but it’s super graphic.

So……FUCK YOU, SCIENCE! I can still watch as much horror movies as I want!!

Sharktopus Vs. Whalewolf Live Tweet


Which shark-themed SyFy movie is your favorite? There’s Sharknado 1, 2, and 3, Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda and Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus…are there any more?

I’m live-tweeting my reaction (@DWCHorror) to Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf at 2pm central time. Feel free to join in and laugh along. I’m rooting for #TeamWhalewolf. #TeamSharktopus is going down.

Full movie streamed HERE.

Hello, Twitter!



Just in case you all weren’t aware, We Damsels have our own Twitter account!

Normally I, Damsel Bruja, am the one who likes to fiddle with the Twitter account. The reason is I have my own personal account strictly for personal use. However Damsel Cannibal has another Twitter account where she likes to talk to anyone and everyone in the Indie Horror circuit.

Feel free to follow us and comment on our posts. Or if you just want to talk about some randomness in the Horror genre then by all means send us a message.

I’d also like to take this moment to say that I’ll be using the Damsels with Chainsaws twitter to live tweet during Penny Dreadful. So far this is my favorite show on TV that has to do with horror and I’m hoping there are other Dreadfuls out there who like it too.

Send us a tweet and keep an eye on some live tweet action!

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Let’s get geeky with taxidermy!


Their jobs might be macabre, but these ladies at Chicago’s Field Museum and Afterlife Anatomy are dismembering bodies for science.

Katie Innamorato is a Taxidermist in Residence at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn NY. Image source from

Look at these freaky lamps


Beautiful lamps a la Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For $100 you can buy one from Gloom Matter.

I saw these terrific horror designs on Dirge Magazine’s twitter first. Gloom Matter is a Toronto based Etsy shop with gorgeous, handcrafted goods for your home.

I love horror decor. This would totally freak out my mother.


What do you think? Tacky or chic?