“Reincarnation” aka Damsel Cannibal’s Uncanny Valley Hell!


Director: Takashi Shimizu

Writers: Takashi Shimizu, Masaki Adachi

Starring: Yûka, Karina, Kippei Shîna, 

This one is going on my list of favorite Japanese horror movies!

This is about a Japanese actress who just received the role of a lifetime. The film she’ll be starring in is based on a horrific hotel murder where a renown scientist murdered everyone in the hotel as well as his own children. While preparing for the role she experiences visions and other paranormal activity. One of her friends suggest that the study of reincarnation might be the answer to these visions. Is she crazy or was she a victim of this mad scientist’s killing spree?

While I was visiting Damsel Cannibal, I recommended we watch this for the blog. We weren’t disappointed! One thing that I love about Japanese horror is that they don’t rely on CGI or heavy blood and guts. They’re more about the suspense and tricks in the light. Even making something as simple as a doll saying “Together Forever” will make you want to cry in terror. No seriously, there was a doll from one of the victims that kept popping up saying “We’ll stay together forever”. It wasn’t until the end where Damsel Cannibal buried her face in my neck and said, “No! I can’t! Ah!”. I thought the doll was cool but even I was like, “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! The doll is moving!”

This leads to Damsel Cannibal’s post on Uncanny Valley. She basically told me that we humans freak out over things that look human but we know that aren’t. I guess our instincts tell us not to trust it because we know it’s not real. Anyway check out her post and see if you agree.

I really enjoyed this movie’s story as well. When people think of reincarnation they generally think of being something cool in their past lives like being a knight or a princess. No ever thinks of the possibility that they might be a murder victim or worse a murderer. Shimizu did a brilliant job in turning a romantic idea of previous lives into someone worst nightmare.

I give this movie an A.

Creepy Doll Scene:


Red Road returns tomorrow on Sundance!


The Red Road returns for its second season on Sundance channel Thursday, April 2nd 10/9C

This is a heart pounding, nonstop action kinda series and not just cuz Jason Momoa is in it (although that helps, too, ha, ::blush::) I didn’t know what to expect going into the first season and I’m so happy I sat down and actually watched it. Red Road combines everything I want to see more of on TV (not just Jason Momoa ::blush::) like Native American issues and more people of color with prominent roles (Hello! FINALLY!), slick, suspenseful writing, and real world characters who aren’t just canned stereotypes.

Red Road is gritty, engaging, and keeps you guessing all the way through. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer! The first season was only 6 episodes, so you guys can catch up without much difficulty before season two’s premiere.



In a nutshell, the series is about a Native American criminal and the dangerous game he plays with a white cop who covers the accident of his schizophrenic wife and the Native boy she ran over with her car. It’s a cat-and-mouse murder mystery set on an Indian reservation where the “good” cop has to outsmart the “bad” guy. However what’s good becomes bad, and what seems bad in the beginning, is slowly revealed to be good. You’ve seen it before but not like this, I promise. The predominately Native American cast is a refreshing change of pace. If you like psychological cop stories with a lot of twists and turns, then Red Road is for you.

I’ll be tuning in tomorrow to watch season 2! Will you?

Fantasy vs Reality: When Children Make a Sacrifice to Slenderman


This has to be one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard on the news!

I recently saw on the news that a couple of girls stabbed their friend 19 times and left her for dead. Their reason…..They believed that if they murdered their friend, Slenderman would reveal himself to them and they could prove that he was real. They planned this crime for months! Their victim manged to crawl out of the woods and was found by a passing cyclist. They say she’ll make a recovery and her would-be-killers are facing charges now. For more info check out this article.

This is ridiculous. This is like sacrificing your friend to the Hook-man or Bloody Mary. How much to you want to bet that these kids didn’t believe in Santa Claus but they wanted to prove Slenderman when real? Even though you can google Slenderman and it tells you its origins. I remember when Urban Legends were just scary stories you told your friends at a sleepover. When I was a kid we had Bloody Mary and it did not require a human sacrifice.

This is what happens when you don’t monitor your kids. I can just hear activist come out of every nook and cranny with their signs damning violent video games. It’s so easy to blame an inanimate object because it really absolves anybody of responsibility.

Not to stand on my soapbox and preach but parents really need to get their heads out of their asses and start parenting. I’m positive that at least one of the defendants has a psychological problem. Normal kids don’t wake up one morning and say, “Hmm…I think I’ll kill my best friend today”. If parents were more vigilant with monitoring what their children do, I’m sure they would have noticed something was off. But then again, parents don’t want to admit that their is something wrong with their child.

In any case, I’m glad that the victim will recover and I hope that this proves as a warning to parents or future parents about their child’s psychological health.