Don’t Underestimate What £10 Can Create!


Writer/Producer/Director: Luke Mordue

Starring: Max Mordue, Alex Steedman, Luke Mordue, Anna Skibniewski-Woods.

Remember those post you used to get on Myspace where if you didn’t repost in 5 minutes you’d be murder in the shower at 11:13pm and the last thing you’d see is a unicorn? Well this is like that but it’s actually terrifying. Seriously, the first words out of my mouth were “FUCK ME!”

So here’s how it goes. Dan receives one of these emails about a guy named Charlie coming to kill you at around 9pm if you don’t forward the email. Like any rational human being, skips it. He says good-bye to his pal who is off with his girlfriend. But before Dan’s friend leaves, he sees shadowy figure in the window. Totally doesn’t think anything of it. Poor Dan is left all alone…in a creepy house. He gets that feeling that he’s being watched, but the police can’t help and he can’t escape.

The suspense combined with the movie was intense! If there’s one thing I love about horror movies, it’s the suspense. You don’t see Charlie, you hear Charlie’s whispers, but you never see him. So you’re left with your imagination filling in the blanks. At some point you his creepy smile that makes want to cry for Mama.

Anyway, Check it out and let me know what you think about this £10 budget short!