The Quiet: a short film review


Lock up your children because this will make you paranoid for your child’s safety.

This is a short film I found based off of a true story. It’s about a deaf girl on her way home from school. While walking home she discovers that she’s being followed so a game of cat and mouse begins. According to the actual incident, a girl was walking home after hanging out with her friends and she was stalked by a molester/killer. Two weeks after that, a girl was found decapitated in the area close by. Whether this was the same girl, I’m not sure. But I thought this short film was pretty cool.

Some thought it didn’t fit in the horror category but I thought that the fact this girl was deaf made it scary. You were afraid of how she was going to survive without hearing where this predator was hiding. He could be standing right behind her and she wouldn’t notice. Yikes!