My Kind of Musical in “The Lure”


I came across this on the interwebs when it described this musical as THE LITTLE MERMAID meets NINE INCH NAILS…..Honestly, they had me at NINE INCH NAILS.

According to what I’ve read, this bizarre musical is about two mermaid sisters that are adopted by a cabaret. While one is looking for love, the other is looking for dinner.

I LOVE this spin on mermaids! Well…I shouldn’t say that it is a “spin” because that’s originally what mermaids were. They are technically monsters that lure (see what I did there?) stupid sailors to an early watery grave and feast on their bodies. It’s nice to see a monster actually being a monster instead of a rebellious teen who wants to change her body after meeting a guy ONCE.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get my hands on this! I wonder when the soundtrack will be available…

Mamula or Killer Mermaid or Nymph or…whatever


This Serbian movie has like 10 different names. Regardless what it calls itself, though, it still sucks.

Killer Mermaid (2014) is a misnomer. The mermaid doesn’t kill anybody but just eats  human chum her boyfriend catches and feeds to her.


Director: Milan Todorovic

Writers: Barry Keating, Marko Backovic

Starring: Kristina Klebe, Franco Nero, Natalie Burn, Dragan Micanovic

Add another campy b-movie to your Netflix watchlist if you want. Killer Mermaid (2014) has gloriously bad acting, accents so thick you need the killer’s hatchet to cut through it, and of course, bikini-clad girls who scream lustily in terror for 94min. It’s a summer horror flick about two American girls on vacation who find themselves marooned on a prison island with their boyfriends. What separates this basic plot device from other terrible b-movies? There’s a killer mermaid! Sort of…

No, actually, the “killer” is actually the mermaid’s boyfriend…sort of. See, the mermaid has mind control powers and she drives all the men on the island to kill for her. Supposedly she eats the men and human bait they bring along with them, but we don’t actually see her off anyone on screen. There’s a convoluted explanation about the island, Mamula, and its WWII past but…yeaaaaahhhh I lost interest after the first half of the movie. But there are bikinis! And running! And tunnels! And much running through these tunnels! So much running…

I don’t think the director tried, honestly. But I will give them this, the set is amazing! What a beautiful place Serbia is. If I can take anything positive from this movie, it’s that I want to visit the Mediterranean sea. If you’re terribly bored and want to hear Serbian and Italian actors play unconvincing Americans, go ahead and watch this.

Giving this one a D.