The Year 2017!




Alright, bitches! It’s time to start the year over and think about what the fuck we’re going to do with ourselves. While 2016 might’ve kicked some of us in the nuts we’re going to brush ourselves off and enter the new year like a boss!

I actually like setting New Years Resolutions for myself. I have them pinned on my door next to my calendar. So far I have write more often, practice my French and Spanish, learn how to cook, and cut back on the TV.

And, of course, update more often! We’ll see how the year goes and what the horror genre has to offer us!

You guys got anything planned for 2017?


Merry Fucking Christmas!


giphy (1).gif

Damn! It has been a rocky year. It started out great, for me anyway, and then it just got shittier until the end. I think this happens every Election Year for any country.

Anyway, I’m gonna keep this short. I hope that you guys had a better year than I had. Check your New Years Resolutions and see if you managed to keep some of those promises. I think I managed to keep maybe 5 out of 12…such a slacker this year.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!