“A Tricky Treat” from an Alternate Universe!



Director: Patricia Santos

Writer: Kamal John Iskander

Producer: Grace Santos

So I found this little piece of weirdness in my email. Damsel Cannibal wasn’t the only one who got it but she let me have this one to write about. She’s always looking out for what’s awesome.

Anyway, This short film was featured at the Fantasia International Film Festival and it is epically disgusting. But I say that in a good way. Have you guys ever find those funny pictures on the internet where it says “IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE” and there’s a picture of a tree chopping down a human being? “A Tricky Treat” is kinda like that. Starts out as a typical suburb family preparing for Halloween. Everyone is having an excellent time…except the poor helpless man in the basement. What could they want with this guy for Halloween?

At first this reminded me of a scene from another horror film called “Trick r’ Treat” where a suburb dad and his son carve a man’s head instead of pumpkins for Halloween. I was slightly disappointed thinking, “Oh this isn’t very original.” That is until I saw the ending…I’d love to spoil it for you but I think this is one you just have to watch in order to understand how gross yet awesome it is.

Sometimes mixing gore and humor can be a hit and miss but I thought that it was well done. My emotions changed from totally weirded out to having a giggle fit! Yes…through the blood and gore I was giggling like an insane person. Maybe I’m just a seriously unwell individual but that shit was funny. You’ll especially enjoy the ending.

I’m gonna shut up right now and offer you some websites to check out. I know that the director, writer, and producers are all award winners so I’m excited to dive into their work and see what else I can find the comment on.








Getting Ready for “First Date: A Modern Love Story”


I stumbled on this while playing around with Youtube. I present to you “First Date: A Modern Love Story” written, directed, and produced by Blair Richardson.

It is a very short film, no more than three minutes but it’s entertaining. In the film we see a woman getting ready for a date. We don’t see her face but it’s something every woman should be familiar with. From choosing what to wear to spraying on your favorite perfume. We even see the unsuspecting guy pull up in a fancy car. You can totally see in his face that he thinks he’s getting lucky tonight. But that depends on your definition of “lucky”.

Since this is such a short film, I’m not going to say much more. I actually think that it would make a clever perfume or lingerie commercial, especially now that Halloween is just around the corner. Either way, I’d like to see more from Blair Richardson. I really wanted this film to be a little bit longer! I realize that you’re left to drown in your imagination at the end but I really wanted to see that date unfold.

What’s New at the Library


It is my belief that some of the most horrifying things are real things that go on in the world. Anyway, I stumbled on this has to be one of the most random things I’ve ever heard of.

I found this on Fearnet.com and it’s a short article about a child’s book about “Satanic Abuse” that was written in the 1990. You might be able to find it at the library but then again you might not. What really threw me off is that it’s a child’s book! It was supposed to help therapists look for cases of Satanic Abuse…as opposed to just normal abuse? Really?

After looking at some of the pages, I didn’t see the “Satanic” part other than a Halloween Party and a secret circle. Here, just read the article and let me know what you think: http://www.fearnet.com/news/news-article/childs-book-about-satanic-ritual-abuse 

Fake Blood Recipe For Idiots


And yes, I’m an idiot. And also incredibly lazy. But it’s a busy Halloween and I only have time for a 3-ingredient blood brew. What’s a damsel to do?

Ingredients: Corn syrup, red food coloring, dark cocoa powder. Ignore the cornstarch in the picture. Again, I was too lazy to use it.


Directions: Pour 2/3 cup of corn syrup into a glass bowl. I used pyrex because the red food coloring we’ll add later will stain plastic.


Next, add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder into the syrup.


Once you mix it all in, it should look a bit like this.


Add lots of red food coloring to give it a dark plum, reddish, veinous color. There’s no exact science to it. Just keep squirting the food coloring in until you’re happy with the color. And presto! Fake blood in a bowl.


What can you do with fake blood? Why, all sorts of fun things…like filling your tub with spatter and living out your Dominatrix Vampire fantasies. This formula will stain clothing and skin, somewhat. Best use bleach to clean up. If you’re in a pinch, this no-fuss recipe will guarantee a very bloody Halloween! Have fun!