Lady Death (2004)


She’s wearing a thong garter set with thigh-high stiletto boots, a cape, and a badass push-up bra! But it’s the story I’m attracted to, not her cleavage, I promise. As the daughter of Lucifer, Lady Death’s destiny is to overthrow her father and take over his kingdom in Hell. She uses a sword to slay her enemies and she commands a demon army. Female sex appeal and nonstop action is my kinda story!

I’m reviewing the animated movie, but the original story comes from the graphic novel. The writer, Brian Pulido, was kind enough to chat with me on Twitter and now I’m kind of obsessed. I’m salivating for prints. I want to have it in my hands so I can ogle at will. *Sigh* You can buy back issues from Coffin Comics Shop.

And you can watch the whole movie on youtube if you desire

The movie is predictable but entertaining. It’s a little anime-esque. Large bubbly eyes and mouth flaps that don’t line up with the voice actors’ speech. I like the art in the graphic novels better, but hey, it’s an origins movie so whatever. Before Lady Death became a badass commander, she lived the life of an aristocrat in 1478 Sweden. When her father (Lucifer) kidnaps her boyfriend, Nikolo, and threatens to burn her at the stake, she agrees to join her father in hell to save him. There’s the obligatory training montage where she learns how to sword fight with Mathias, her second-in-command. The less clothes she wears, the stronger she becomes, apparently. Not that I mind, but yeah. Wearing little to no armor, she’s able to withstand blows from various bad guys and defeat all of her father’s cronies. Oh, and she sleeps in a peignoir (how does one find a sexy peignoir in hell? HOW? I want one!)

The movie ends with the expected FINAL EPIC BATTLE when Lady Death marches an army of demons to her father’s castle and defeats him. Sort of. I’ll review the graphic novels after I’ve read them–my hunch tells me the graphic novels are infinitely times better than the movie. At least, I hope they are! Anyway, I hope you guys check it out. It’s a fun, mindless romp with gore and a sexy protagonist.