Vampire Blood Incense

Made by Devils Garden. Certified Undead, you guys.

Made by Devils Garden. Certified Undead, you guys.

So the boyfriend and I found this premium vampire extract whilst perusing through our local head shop. He laughed. I giggled. (The meth-head cashier rolled her eyes.) Then we took it home and lit up.


I’ve never inhaled vampire blood before, so this was a very exciting experience. The fragrance is deep, complex, and earthy. It is pleasantly floral without being too perfumey and smells like old lace, sex, and damp cemeteries.

When burned, the incense releases a thin, steady stream of smoke. It slowly scents the whole room without burning your eyes like some other incenses. Vampire Incense may look like a novelty item, but it really does have a nice smell. It’s subtle and calming. One of my favorite new incenses, too. And it’s certified undead. You can’t beat that!