Laugh til you pee with Dead Snow 2


Dead Snow 2 released Oct. 2014 in Norway but is now available (in English) on Netflix

Director: Tommy Wirkola Writers: Tommy, Wirkola, Stig Frode Henriksen, and Vegar Hoel

Starring: Vegar Hoel, Orjan Gamst, and Martin Starr

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (2014) is a gut busting horror comedy film from Norway. Nazi zombies (and a tank) battle Soviet zombies, nerds, a gay guy, and a one-armed Norwegian dude (from the first movie, apparently) in the snow. Thankfully this smart, hilarious new take on the zombie genre is on Netflix for we, Americans, to wet our pants over.

I’ve seen so many zombie movies I’ve kinda burned myself out, but Dead Snow 2 is a revelation. It’s original, fast-paced, and unapologetically campy. I can’t remember when I’ve laughed so hard. Damsel Bruja and I watched this film together on a weeknight and loved it. This is definitely a movie to watch with your friends piled high on a couch with an open box of pizza and cold beers. Definitely watch this movie with beer. The drunker you are the funnier it gets. True story.

A+ for Dead Snow 2. Trashy entertainment at its finest!

Fast Zombies VS Slow Zombies Debate


Recently I watched a fun documentary about Zombies and Pop Culture and one of the topics discussed is the Slow Zombies vs Fast Zombies debate.


Let’s talk about the Slow Zombies for a minute. They are these reanimated corpses that shuffle around and if they catch you, they eat you. I think what makes these zombies scary is that they were the first type of zombie to enter pop culture. Imagine seeing your loved one as this decaying thing shuffling toward you. You know that you should run but there’s something stopping you. Something that wants to believe that you can snap them out of whatever murderous spell they’re under.

Now with the Fast Zombies we have these decaying humanoid things that can outrun you and tear you pieces in minutes. Imagine that you’re out and about when you see five of these creatures. They see you and the chase begins. You know that if you can’t outrun them, your new name is going to be Dinner. You don’t have time to see who it is that’s chasing you, all you care about is staying alive.

For me, I think that Fast Zombies are scarier. Just for the simple fact that I’m out of shape, I know that I’d probably be the first to go. What also makes them terrifying is that they won’t stop at nothing to get you. For example, the World War Z zombies didn’t stop for anything. They smashed through windows and doors to get to their victims. Also they made a giant zombie pyramid just to get over a giant wall to get their next meal. Slow zombies would probably shuffle around in circles.

Hell, even The Walking Dead zombies move faster than the slow zombies. I think the Walking Dead Zombies are the best combination of slow and fast zombie. When they’re inactive they just shuffle around, but when they find something to eat they pick up speed.

Which Zombies do you prefer? Fast or Slow?