R.I.P Dracula


I’m seeing some mixed reports about this show. A friend and fan of the show told me that NBC was cancelling Dracula. This breaks my heart because it’s a great show to watch. I liked the costumes and I liked that story around Dracula and Van Helsing’s vendetta against the Order of the Dragon. I want another season! But if the vampires aren’t sparkling and bitching about life, then TV/Movies won’t bother with it. It’s ridiculous! Let’s the stupid teens have Vampire Diaries and let the grown ups have Dracula!

Here’s where it gets interesting. Some reports are floating around that the UK is picking up the series for the second season but NBC may not. Makes no sense to me but if that’s the way they want it then maybe BBC America might air it(here’s a link). There’s also a petition going around the Internet hoping to get NBC’s attention.

Anyway, let’s hope that the show comes back for another season, even if it’s the last season. I just don’t like unfinished stories.

Here is a link to the online petition if you are interested in showing your support for the show: https://www.change.org/petitions/nbc-continue-producing-nbc-dracula

[Side Note]

Unfortunately, as of May 10, 2014 Dracula has officially been cancelled. YOU SUCK, NBC!

Penny Dreadful’s Gory Premiere


Alright! Here’s our look at Penny Dreadful. Sorry for the late post!

So Penny Dreadful is about Sir Malcolm and his friend Vanessa Ives looking for Malcolm’s daughter. They enlist the help of Ethan Chandler, a gun slinging American as their muscle. Their search leads them to a……wait for it……VAMPIRE NEST! After battling these Nosferatu, they bring a body to a young Victor Frankenstein for examination. Ethan’s eyes have been opened to a world of the supernatural and he’s been giving the opportunity to explore it further with Sir Malcolm and Miss Ives. But will he remain with them?

Let’s go over the characters:

Ethan Chandler is played by Josh Hartnett and he falls into the category of “hopeless alcoholic”. He runs a traveling shows where he spins tall tales about his exploits and shows off his gun slinging skills. He doesn’t seem offended of the idea of being a hired gun when one of the questions he asks Miss Ives if they’re going to kill someone. He’s obviously has a mysterious past he doesn’t like talking about. I thought it was amusing how Miss Ives read him like a cheap romance novel. We’ll see what Ethan as to offer.

Sir Malcolm: A Famous explorer desperately searching for his daughter, Mina. What’s fascinating is that he has no hesitation that the supernatural is to blame for it. He relays on Vanessa’s psychic ability to help him in his search. It also looks like he knows how to handle himself around vampires.

Vanessa Ives: She’s an interesting lady. She has this psychic ability that let’s her know what the hell is going on. I like how she just goes on about her business while the men are busy fighting monsters. She just walks by them like a boss. She also prays a lot. I think it more of a trance than praying and sometimes it can get intense.

Victor Frankenstein: We all know the name so by the end of the premiere episode it shouldn’t be a surprise that we find a body in his secret lab. Young Frankenstein, however, has more of a poet’s soul that anyone else. He truly believes that nothing else matters than finding that spark between life and death. He even goes as far as to mock Sir Malcolm about his explorations. Well, Frankenstein gets his wish and his creature comes to life!

One of the things I loved about this episode was the vampires. The “old ones” looked like the classic Nosferatu. More bat-like than human. Then there’s, of course, the gore involved. You can’t get enough of it.

Anyways, those are my thoughts so far. Hope you all tune in to watch the series!

Welcome to Horror Television, Penny Dreadful!


Recently I’ve been watching these previews for a new show on Showtime called “Penny Dreadful” starring Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, and Josh Hartnett. From what I’ve heard and seen, this show features some of our favorite monsters from classic horror novels. Among the monsters creeping in this show are Dracula, Dorian Gray, Frankenstein, and Frankenstein’s Monster.

The plot has been very vague:

“Some of literature’s most terrifying characters, including Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and iconic figures from the novel Dracula are lurking in the darkest corners of Victorian London. PENNY DREADFUL is a frightening psychological thriller that weaves together these classic horror origin stories into a new adult drama.” says Showtime.

I’m actually excited to watch this show. First reason: I love Eva Green. I think she is a brilliant actress and she knows how to play a mysterious femme fatale. Second reason: Classic Monsters! I’m interested in seeing how these monsters are portrayed. Third reason: Gore, Gore, Gore! There’s going to be a lot of gore in this show, I can tell.

Well, I’ll set my DVR to check this show out. Or maybe I can check online for the premiere episode. Anyway, I’ll check it out and review it for you.


The Day the Monsters Died….


I thought I’d just take a minute and mourn Monsters as a whole. No longer are they created to scare the shit out of us, now you just feel sorry for them. You feel sorry not because they’re these tortured being, but because they’re so depressing.


I think the CW’s Beauty and the Beast bugs me the most. It was a reboot of the 1980’s TV which everyone loved with Ron Perlman as Vincent the strong Beast with a poetic soul. This new Vincent is sexy former soldier with a scar on his face. I enjoyed the 1980s version better because you can see why Vincent feels that he and Catherine can’t be together. He looks like a freaking lion!! the modern Vincent was part of a super-soldier program that went wrong and the scar is a result of that. When he gets upset he turns into something similar to the Incredible Hulk. So he feel because of his emotional issues he and Catherine can’t be together. Take an anti-depressant and move on. You have no right to call yourself a hideous monster when you’re anything but hideous. I tried watching it with an open mind but I just hated this no modern Emo Vincent.


I’m not going to say I hated “I, Frankenstein” because I didn’t. I thought it was a fun scifi movie. However, I wished that they made Aaron Eckhart look more like a monster. He’s got scars that look like they’re painted on. Now if the patches of skin were different colors letting us know they were different body parts, then that would make us see with our own eyes that he is a monster. His character too is running around the planet whining about how he’s a monster and no one would love him. Look in the mirror! Scars are sexy so you don’t have a reason to complain. The original Frankenstein’s Monster was a mess! Of course people are going to run away from him, but Adam(Eckhart) looks pretty normal. If he needed to make up a story he could tell everyone he got mugged once….and it didn’t end well for the mugger! Just saying. Yet another Emo Monster.

And lastly there’s the vampires. The sparkly and bloody kind.

I realize that vampires are supposed to be sex symbols but sparkling vampires?! I like my vampires unapologetic, violent, and bloody. That’s why I love shows like TrueBlood and Dracula. These vampires will tear you to pieces. Why? Because they can. They are monsters with nothing but time on their hands so they do whatever they want, whenever they want. It’s pretty cool to have that kind of power, don’t you think? So the question I ask myself is why would you waste your time being a “vegetarian” vampire? To make them seem more human? They’re monsters! They’re not supposed to be human. I also can’t get past the glittering thing of Twilight. I’ll admit I read the books and I got wrapped up into the “Team Edward vs Team Jacob” battle but then I grew up. Sparkling vampires isn’t scary, but I will give Edward Cullen credit for being a creep. He watches Bella sleep, follows her everywhere, and thinks she smells delicious. Kinda like a creepy Santa except he doesn’t have any presents.

On a side note: has anyone else noticed that as the Twilight movies progressed, the vampires stopped sparkling?

Anyway, that’s my rant about monsters today. I have more hope for the future though. NBC’s Dracula has shown me that the classic vampire is back in action. I also heard through the grapevine that NBC is considering a “Wolfman” series inspired by the classic monster. I hope it’s true and that they remain faithful to the classic monster. Below I found a hilarious video about what would happen if Eric Northman from TrueBlood ever met Edward Cullen.


“Dracula” is Bloody Sexy



Wow…Just wow! I swear the whole time I was drooling so hopefully I can keep it together long enough to write this.

NBC’s new take on the Dracula legend begins with the arrival of American Industrialist Alexander Grayson entering London society. But Mr. Grayson is actually Vlad the Impaler himself hoping to bring down The Order of the Dragon, the same Order that murdered his wife and condemned him to live as a vampire. How will he do it? By attacking their wealth and maybe tearing a few heads off along the way. But Dracula also faces a problem when he sees Mine and feels she’s the reincarnation of his wife. We see the same characters such as Mina, Lucy, Jonathan Harker, Professor Van Hellsing and are introduced to some new ones like Lady Jane(a vampire hunter, member of the Order of the Dragon, and Dracula’s fuck buddy).

I found the change in the original characters’ roles interesting. Normally such changes make me angry because they just seem out of the blue, but I found it believable in this Dracula universe. For example, Mina is a med student hoping to become Professor Van Hellsing’s new assistant, Jonathan Harker is a struggling new reporter, and Van Hellsing was the one who woke up Dracula. It seemed a little weird at first but I’m enjoying it.

One of the things that I really appreciated was that Dracula can’t walk in the sunlight. He burns if he tries so I was pleased with that, I also like how animalistic when he preys on people. You can see that he’s a monster and not some brooding punk who thinks being a vegetarian means drinking animal blood. I also liked the original vampire hunting techniques being used such as crucifixes, garlic, stakes to the heart and beheading. Great way to keep the original alive.

Anyway, I’m excited for this series and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Here’s a trailer: