Raising Funds For A Zombie Movie


Alrighty y’all! Let’s rally together and help finish a Vancouver based zombie film! It’s been described as a modern twist to the zombie genre with a nostalgic feel. Most people think that once you seen one zombie film you’ve seen them all. You’re probably right but that doesn’t make zombie movies any less entertaining.

Please check the Indiegogo site listed below to donate. Depending the amount you donate, you will be rewarded with a shout out in the credits, a digital copy, a signed DVD, etc! We have 38 days to reach the goal of $10,000 CAD so you better hurry. The last count was $426 CAD.





Let’s Raise Funds for a Horror Movie!


So I stumble on this and thought….why not talk about it. Jennifer Nangle is looking for some funding for a horror movie she wants to make based on a true story. According to the indiegogo website, she grew up in a haunted house and thought that it would make a great film. The video above talks more about it. Her goal is to reach $2,500 for make-up, editing, special effects, etc. so far she’s made it to $1,560. So if you want to donate you better hurry. You’ve got 18 days before donations closes. The website also has a list of rewards you can receive based on the amount you donate. For example, for $25 you’ll get a shout out on twitter and facebook, a special thank you, a secret link to behind the scenes clips, and a credit at the end of the film. I like a good ghost story, so let’s see if we can make this lady’s dream come true.

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Give it Up for the Women in Horror!


Despite all the efforts women made to choose their careers, that damn glass ceiling keeps getting in the way. This month is to recognize women of the horror genre. Be it directors, writers, actors, playwrights, etc they deserve their time in the spotlight. Which brings me to Women in Horror Month.

Damsel Cannibal and I stumbled on this while goofing around on twitter and discussing how women aren’t getting the proper recognition within the industry. It’s infuriating. Trust me I can get on my soap box and talk about how Hollywood holds women back or how the literary industry can’t bare the thought of a strong heroine. But I’m not going to do that. I’d rather focus on what we, as artists or consumers, can do to change this way of thinking.

So take a chance to to browse the website womeninhorrormonth.com and make a donation. The purpose of the site is to give exposure and other opportunities for women within the Horror community. You can also follow this site on Twitter or Facebook which I will provide at the bottom. Again, take a moment, educate yourself, and make a difference.

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