Gishwhes 2015 Has Begun!


So it’s that time of year again where like minded crazy people get together and do crazy things in the name of charity. I already told you that I’m participating this year again so I thought I’d tell you how it’s going so far.

This is when you come to realize that there are people you want to do this for fun(people like me) and then there are the ones who really take this seriously. So far I’m only able to do two of the Items which I’m a little disappointed in. Why? because the same 3-5 people already claimed and finished the Items I wanted to do. Then they remind how I need to check the spreadsheet one of them made and put my name beside an Item. I would if there were things left for me to do! So far all the left is the super crazy Items like take a picture with the Clintons (not photoshopped). Also I’m a little annoyed when others tell me how I should do an Item. This is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable thing to do but so far this year it’s a hassle.

i feel like I’m not contributing as much as I should. But what can I do?

I’m not saying that Gishwhes as a whole is like this. It’s really not! I guess what really makes it fun is the people you participate with. Which brings me to Saint Sarah again. She was on my team last year and she agrees that this team we’re on is a little too serious. She’s actually going to help me out with one of the Items I’m doing. We’re going to dress up my dog as The Doctor and she’s going to dress her cat up like a Dalek. If the team doesn’t like it, too fucking bad. I’m submitting the picture anyway.

Anyways, I hope all you Gishers out there are having a blast! Tell me how it’s going for you so far!

Creepy Dolls vs Creepy Children


Challenge day 14: Character that I like that no one else does: I liked Jamie from the Empty Child episode. I'm not sure if any one else dislikes this character but, he's certainly one of the scariest. There is nothing more chilling than that child going around just saying "are you my mummy?" It was a great character concept and it worked out great.

I’ve been asking myself this question for a while. Which is scarier: Children or Dolls?

Personally I think kids freak me out the most when it comes to horror films. Here’s why: They’re supposed to be these innocent, sweet, teacup humans. They’re not supposed to run around killing people or causing destruction. But then you have movies where the children are the masterminds of world domination. Anybody remember “Children of the Corn”. These are kids that slaughtered a whole town and didn’t bat an eyelash. Then there’s that creepy kid from Doctor Who. He’s just calmly walking around, in a gas mask, asking unsuspecting victims, “Are you my mummy?” then he turns then into an adult version of himself. Yikes! What about “Village of the Damned” where these half alien/half human kids use their creepy mind-powers to bully their parents into submission. But really the kids that freaks me out the most is from the 1956 film “The Bad Seed”. This movie is about a psychotic little girl who is totally cool with killing a classmate over a cheap medal. This line left me speechless because she was so matter-of-fact about it. “But Mother, he was dead. He didn’t need it anymore.”

Charles Lee Ray and Tiffany | deviantART: More Like Life Size Chucky Doll by ~jayrbermuda

Now on to dolls. Dolls are just creepy anyway. I think what makes them creepy is the fake happy smiles and dead eyes forever etched onto their faces. They’re also supposed to be inanimate objects, but when you’re a kid you have this tiny belief that they have feelings. So unless you want to end up like Chucky’s victims, you better treat them right.

Also, How do you kill a doll? It took them forever to kill Chucky and that bastard still manages to come back for another sequel! Did anyone see “Dead Silence”? Spoiler Alert: it didn’t end well for ANYBODY!

Then you hear all kinds of ghost stories involving dolls. For example, anybody hear about the Annabelle doll? You may have heard it from the film “The Conjuring”, but that’s an actual possessed doll that Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated.  I repeat….a possessed doll!

Anyway, those are my thoughts about Dolls and Kids. Which do you think are more terrifying?

Welcome Damsel Bruja



Favorite Horror Director: John Carpenter

Favorite Horror Author: Anne Rice

Fun Fact: I believe in the Paranormal

Current Obsession: Geez, where to begin. NBC Hannibal, Doctor Who, and NBC Dracula

Welcome one and all! Now what can I say about Horror…IT’S FUCKING AMAZING!! Growing up in a conservative/superstitious house, I was discouraged from Horror as a whole. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. It was something forbidden. Seriously, my mother thought I was inviting the Devil into the house whenever I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I also think my belief in the paranormal adds to my passion for horror. You should’ve seen me seeing Paranormal Activity for the first time…freaked out so bad! It wasn’t funny then but it’s funny now!

I’m always looking for a new thrill whether it’s in books or movies. I absolutely love Stephen King’s work! Christine has to be one of my favorites. Anne Rice is also one of my favorites because she makes horror sexy and I love her characters. The Vampire Lestat is awesome because he absolutely loves what he is and he doesn’t apologize for it. That’s how I like my characters, very unapologetic.

Anyway, the lovely Damsel Cannibal got me interested in writing years ago and I haven’t looked back since. The problem we noticed is that the literary world is lacking in good Horror stories and it’s getting harder every year trying to convince publishers that what they need is good stories with even better female protagonists.  Oh well, we’ll get there eventually! I’ve had a couple of short stories(here)published but nothing major…yet! College has taken up most of my time, but I do enjoy jotting down a new idea for a story when I should be taking notes.


So for all of you who are like me, where Horror has become a guilty pleasure, come hang out with us Damsels! Here’s a great place to kick back and enjoy screams, buckets of blood, nightmares. And please check out my own blog I love to ramble on and on about the paranormal there. Thanks for hanging out!