La Llorona: A Cultural Point of View


Since Damsel Cannibal wrote a review about a film concerning La Llorona, I thought it would be cool to tell the story as I know it.

Coming from a Mexican background, we have a lot of old folklore and scary stories to frighten children into behaving themselves. One of these stories is La Llorona, roughly translated to “the weeping woman”.

Once upon a time, there was a widow named Maria who had a few children. More than anything she wanted to remarry and be happy. One day Maria met a man and fell in love with him. However, her new lover didn’t want to take care of children. Desperate for his love she took to the river and drowned them. Thinking that her problem was solved, she returned to her lover thinking that marriage was in their future. However, the man left her, he just used her. The realization that she murdered her children for nothing pushed her to drown herself in the same river where she murdered her children. When she was on her way to Paradise, Heaven asked her where her children were. She ¬†was afraid that she would be sent to Hell for her crime so she lied and said she lost them. Heaven wasn’t impressed so they told her, she could never come into Paradise until she found them again. So now her soul wanders the earth, uselessly looking for her children. You can hear her sobbing, “Mis Hijos! Donde estan mis hijos?!”(My children! Where are my children?!) But be careful, she’s so desperate to get into Heaven that any child will do. She’s been known to kidnap children who disobey their parents and wander off.

That’s the story as I know it. Remember don’t wander off because La Llorona will get you!!