Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, has died. :(


He passed away last weekend after losing his battle with cancer.

It’s a sad day for gamers everywhere. Nintendo has been such an influential part of my childhood, and it’s sad to know the man responsible for creating so many happy memories is now dead.

“For young players, classic games are brand new. For older players, they bring back memories and make you feel good.” –Iwata

“We do not run from risk. We run to it. We are taking the risk to move beyond the boundaries of the game industry to reach new players and current players.” –Iwata

“On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.” –Iwata

He was an incredible man and millions of Nintendo fans will miss him.

So I ask you, what was your favorite Nintendo game? Let me know in the comments. Let’s honor Iwata’s passing with cheerful nostalgia.

My favorite Nintendo game was Super Smash Brothers, mostly because I played it so often with my little brother and his friends. Nintendo games always find a way to bring people together. I will always treasure Iwata’s vision on that.

Mr. Bucket has never been more terrifying…


Do you remember Mr. Bucket? The lovable children’s toy from the 80s and 90s? I do. And it scared the shit out of then and still does now. Why does he want to suck on my balls? Why is this perverted toy for kids?

Mr. Bucket just wants to suck on your balls, kids.

My husband is a fan of The Angry Video Game Nerd (or Cinemassacre) on youtube and has been binge-watching James’ stuff for the past two months. I heard him cackling on the sofa and then he showed me the Mr. Bucket vid. If you aren’t familiar with Angry Video Game Nerd or Cinemassacre’s, you should definitely check out more of his videos. They’re all as hilarious as this Mr. Bucket skit. And don’t doubt for one second that youtubers aren’t “real” filmmakers. They work just as hard (if not harder) than the bigger names in the indie film circuit.

Or catch more on Twitter: @CineMassacre or @Mike_Matei

God bless Youtubers.

Creepy Dolls vs Creepy Children


Challenge day 14: Character that I like that no one else does: I liked Jamie from the Empty Child episode. I'm not sure if any one else dislikes this character but, he's certainly one of the scariest. There is nothing more chilling than that child going around just saying "are you my mummy?" It was a great character concept and it worked out great.

I’ve been asking myself this question for a while. Which is scarier: Children or Dolls?

Personally I think kids freak me out the most when it comes to horror films. Here’s why: They’re supposed to be these innocent, sweet, teacup humans. They’re not supposed to run around killing people or causing destruction. But then you have movies where the children are the masterminds of world domination. Anybody remember “Children of the Corn”. These are kids that slaughtered a whole town and didn’t bat an eyelash. Then there’s that creepy kid from Doctor Who. He’s just calmly walking around, in a gas mask, asking unsuspecting victims, “Are you my mummy?” then he turns then into an adult version of himself. Yikes! What about “Village of the Damned” where these half alien/half human kids use their creepy mind-powers to bully their parents into submission. But really the kids that freaks me out the most is from the 1956 film “The Bad Seed”. This movie is about a psychotic little girl who is totally cool with killing a classmate over a cheap medal. This line left me speechless because she was so matter-of-fact about it. “But Mother, he was dead. He didn’t need it anymore.”

Charles Lee Ray and Tiffany | deviantART: More Like Life Size Chucky Doll by ~jayrbermuda

Now on to dolls. Dolls are just creepy anyway. I think what makes them creepy is the fake happy smiles and dead eyes forever etched onto their faces. They’re also supposed to be inanimate objects, but when you’re a kid you have this tiny belief that they have feelings. So unless you want to end up like Chucky’s victims, you better treat them right.

Also, How do you kill a doll? It took them forever to kill Chucky and that bastard still manages to come back for another sequel! Did anyone see “Dead Silence”? Spoiler Alert: it didn’t end well for ANYBODY!

Then you hear all kinds of ghost stories involving dolls. For example, anybody hear about the Annabelle doll? You may have heard it from the film “The Conjuring”, but that’s an actual possessed doll that Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated.  I repeat….a possessed doll!

Anyway, those are my thoughts about Dolls and Kids. Which do you think are more terrifying?

The Quiet: a short film review


Lock up your children because this will make you paranoid for your child’s safety.

This is a short film I found based off of a true story. It’s about a deaf girl on her way home from school. While walking home she discovers that she’s being followed so a game of cat and mouse begins. According to the actual incident, a girl was walking home after hanging out with her friends and she was stalked by a molester/killer. Two weeks after that, a girl was found decapitated in the area close by. Whether this was the same girl, I’m not sure. But I thought this short film was pretty cool.

Some thought it didn’t fit in the horror category but I thought that the fact this girl was deaf made it scary. You were afraid of how she was going to survive without hearing where this predator was hiding. He could be standing right behind her and she wouldn’t notice. Yikes!


La Leyenda de la Llorona (2011)


This is a kid’s movie. So why am I reviewing it? Because the ghost of Llorona got nothin’ on chupacabras! And I’m always hunting for spooks from other cultures. Damsel Bruja will write more about Llorona and Mexican ghost tales in another post. For now let’s talk about this movie.

Brother and sister, Beto and Kika go trick-or-treating in their village only to find a strange ghostlike woman. The spirit is Llorona, the wailing witch who kidnaps children. She takes Beto and leaves Kika in the forest. Enter Leo San Juan and his paranormal team of investigators. Leo San Juan is a cute character. His snarky sidekicks add comic relief. There’s Teodora, a ghost who mimics Paris Hilton,  Alebrije, a talking dragon, sugar skulls, and a knight. They travel by air balloon and wind up crashing on a haunted puppet island.

Leo San Juan learns that, in life, Llorona was actually a single mother named Yoltzin. When her house caught fire, she tended to the flames, accidentally leaving her children to drift downstream and drown. The loss proved unbearable, filling Yoltzin’s heart with hate. She became the vengeful spirit, Llorona, and captured other children to replace the ones she lost. Those who got in her way were cursed and drained of life.

It’s a decent kid’s movie. The art isn’t offensive, the side characters add comedy, however the movie runs a little long. I liked watching it in the original Spanish language version with English subtitles. I learned a little Spanish in the process, which is always a good thing! I liked the cultural references, too. Damsel Bruja introduced me to the story of Llorona one evening when we were talking about what inspired Guillermo del Toro’s  film, “Mama.” (below)

This short film frightened Guillermo del Toro. So what does that tell you? I’m really happy Damsel Bruja showed me this. It only makes me hungry to find other Mexican horror films!