GISHWHES Registration Time!


It’s that magical time of year where like-minded nutballs come together showing off creativity, madness, and fun all across the globe. Who presides of this week of hysteria? Actor Misha Collins of the show Supernatural. Yes, he creates the most insane challenges for teams all over the world to do like make a dress out of kale or have a storm trooper clean your pool.

But it’s for a good cause! I promise! Throughout the week teams are also given challenges to do random acts of kindness like last year there was a challenge to become a bone marrow donor!

I participated last year and I had a blast! I met some interesting people from all over the USA and still keep in contact with a couple. I hope we can be on the same team this year. Read about my little adventure HERE

Anyway, I recommend that you all register and be part of breaking world records and bringing awareness to a number of great causes.


Calling for Film Submissions for Druid Underground!!


Well looky here! I present to all of you the Druid Underground Film Festival(DUFF). They’ve been around since 2006 and feature all kinds of bizarre art such as music and film. When I say bizarre I mean bizarre! But it’s fun and crazy and, let’s face it, society needs more bizarre things to get rid of the drab and recycled crap that keeps getting pushed in our faces.

But this festival isn’t just about films. They’ve had live musical performances at their shows featuring bands like Rumspringa, they have filmmaker interviews, raffles, door prizes etc. This sounds like an epic adventure of like minded individuals just waiting to happen!

But you better hurry! Deadlines are coming fast! Late Deadline: Apr 10, 2015 and Last Minute Deadline: May 10, 2015

Here’s a word from DUFF’s Founder, Billy Burgess

So I encourage you to submit your art to this film festival and share your crazy genius with the world! I’ll have a list of website for you at the bottom which include Twitter and Facebook. Check it out and let us know if your submitting! I’d like to hear how the festival goes!!


Unintentionally creepy book/album covers


Sometimes I find weird shit in cyberspace and drag it into the light to amuse an audience. I don’t know if this will be a recurring theme, but anyway, enjoy this week’s selection.

1. Music To Massage Your Mate By (Click here to hear the song)

This 70s LP includes an explicit, photographed “instruction manual” for the budding serial killer and rapist in you! Strange, off-kilter music combined with grainy black-and-white photographs are sure to put you and your victim in the mood.

2. Feelings And How To Destroy Them

This Little Golden Book apparently alphabetizes emotions and teaches kids how to obliterate what makes them human. I haven’t found much information about this book (author, date of publication, etc.) but if you know please enlighten us.

3. Diamonds and Chills (Click here to hear the song)

This LP 80s cover features country singer Margo Smith. However you wouldn't guess this was a catchy, cheery song by looking at her apparent strangulation

This LP 80s cover features country singer Margo Smith. However you wouldn’t guess this was a catchy, cheery song by looking at her apparent strangulation

4. Pet Goats And Pap Smears 

This is an actual book with its actual cover. The author Pamela Wible writes: "Many people have commented (both positive and negative) on the cover. Unlike advertisements that objectify women or dominate animals, this book cover celebrates and honors both women and animals. "

This is an actual book with its actual cover. The author Pamela Wible writes: “Many people have commented (both positive and negative) on the cover. Unlike advertisements that objectify women or dominate animals, this book cover celebrates and honors both women and animals. “

5. Do You Know Jesus? 

Randy, the dummy, will be more than happy to explain who Jesus is for you if you buy his Auntie and Uncle's album.

Randy, the dummy, will be more than happy to explain who Jesus is for you if you buy his Auntie and Uncle’s album.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Just a Quick GISHWHES Update


WOW! This is definitely an experience I want to repeat next year. It’s was a little crazy but once I made peace with the fact that my team needed me, I pushed forward. Granted I didn’t do some of the crazy things on the list, but I did at least get my hands on the artsy stuff.

I won’t be able to say much about the Items on the list until GISHWHES is offically over, but I will say this………Starbucks baristas are very uncooperative. Seriously, I wasn’t asking for much!

Anyway, I’ll have more when the week is over.

~Damsel Bruja

GISHWHES is on the rise!


So this year I, Damsel Bruja, have decided to do something extremely crazy and possibly life changing……I’m going to do GISHWHES!

GISHWHES stands for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen and it was started by Supernatrual star Misha Collins. On August 2, 2014 the Hunt will begin and he will most likely ask us to do crazy things but if he asks me to jump out of a plane wearing a tutu while singing God Save the Queen, I’m not fucking doing it.

Anyway, this is all for charity and a chance to break a world record. GISHWHES has already broken 5 world records and I think that would be cool to be a part of. Unfortunately, registration is closed so maybe next year you all can sign up. If you can’t afford it, like me, you can sign up for a “gishcholarship” and hope someone is generous enough to sponsor you. Someone did this for me and I’ll be forever thankful.

Anyway, my team is IDontThinkSo and I hope that we have what it takes to get half the things on the list! I’m super excited but really nervous too. I’ve seen some of the things that were one past lists and I’m a little worried I won’t be able to get some of these things done. For example, one of them was find a machine that simulates skydiving and take a picture of yourself eating a sandwich(extra points if it’s a sloppy joe) in it.

*sigh* Well, I’ll keep you updated on how I get some of the challenges done. Which Team IDontThinkSo luck and pray that I don’t get arrested or committed to the Funny Farm.

Emilie Autumn Fights Like A Girl!


Emilie Autumn is a classically trained violinist and a bipolar, vegan, and feminist rockstar. She writes goth music with a Victorian edge. She an original tour de force and her songs burst with self-righteous fervor. It’s scream-o on menses. Classic goth girl punk.  I have 2 full albums of hers: Opheliac and Laced/Unlaced. I also have a few singles floating around my iTunes: “Fight Like A Girl” and “Across The Sky,” however my favorite songs are still “Opheliac,” “Gothic Lolita,”Thank God I’m Pretty,” and um…yeah. I can’t pick a favorite song since nearly every song on the first disc of Opheliac is my favorite. Whenever I listen to Emilie Autumn, my boyfriend pokes his head in my room and begs me to turn down the “screeching.” Haha.

Her vocals are harsh, sharp, and piercing at times. But what draws me to back to her albums are the lyrics. I dig the angst. What can I say? I’m still a reformed goth girl at heart and Emilie Autumn calms the raging, whiny teen in me.

“Gothic Lolita” lyrics (I don’t own anything!)

If I am Lolita then you are a criminal,
and you should be killed by an army of little girls
The law won’t arrest you, the world won’t detest you
you never did anything any man wouldn’t do!

I’m Gothic Lolita and you are a criminal!
I’m not even legal, I’m just a dead little girl!
But ruffles and laces, and candy sweet faces,
directed your furtive hand

I perfectly understand, so it’s my fault


Read more: Emilie Autumn – Gothic Lolita Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Emilie Autumn’s life story is kinda amazing. She is a rape-suicide survivor and once did a stint in an insane asylum. She’s an animal rights activist, political LGBTQIA ally, and looks fierce in tight pink corsets. She wears a heart on her cheek to chase away bad juju. She’s an inspiration. It is my life’s mission to see this woman in concert. If any of you minions score some tickets, please send them over. I will love you forever and ever?

I guess it’s more than the music. I like seeing women kick ass. And that’s something Emilie Autumn certainly excels at. 🙂

Repo! The Genetic Opera: A Review


Cast: Anthony Head, Sarah Brightman, Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino, Paris Hilton, Ogre

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

Oh how I LOVE this movie! The music, the gore, the horror, it’s amazing. Anyway, this film is about a futuristic society where this company, GeneCo, gives out organs for people who need it. But if you can’t make the payments, the Repoman comes and removes your organs. Nathan(Anthony Head) is the Repoman who is haunted by the death of his wife and desperately tries to keep his secret from his daughter, Shilo(Alexa Vega).

Here’s a fun fact about: Michael Rooker actually played The Repoman a 10 minute short for the movie. Also this was originally a stage play.

Anyway, the thing I love the most about this movie is the music. It just catches your attention, it’s fun, and it’s disturbing. I thought the story was great about this tortured man who blames himself for his wife’s death and desperately clings to his only child. He holds on to her so much that she never goes outside and didn’t even know that she had a godmother. I think he took overprotective parent to the next level. You’ll understand the extent of his madness by the end of the film.

The part of Shilo was also pretty cool because she is this sick seventeen-year-old who just wants to be like every other kid. Even if it means disobeying her father and hanging out with the low-lives of the city. Which is where The Graverobber comes in. He is the fun scoundrel who knows everybody worth knowing, hears every bit of gossip and news, and is the main supplier for Zydrate. Now Zydrate is a drug extracted from dead bodies and is mainly used as a painkiller for surgery, however it’s always being abused by drug addicts.

One of the things that I really hate about this movie, it that Paris Hilton is in it. Paris Hilton…really? I’m just thankful she didn’t have that big of a part. But whatever, the story, the music, and all the other actors make up for Hilton’s presence. Now that I think about it, she was really playing herself. Her character, Amber Sweet, felt like Paris Hilton when she spends money.

I’d give this movie and “A”!

A Blessed Unrest REVIEW


Creepy, ambient, and surreal… these are just some of the words that spring to mind when I think of The Parlour Trick’s album, A Blessed Unrest.  The video you see here is from the track, “Half Sick of Shadows.” Rachel Brice performs the mesmerizing dance. Taken from the band’s website:

The Parlour Trick’s first full-length release, A Blessed Unrest, is named after a well-loved quote by Martha Graham. Creatively and thematically, this album is very much a “Madwoman in the Attic” affair. Some of the compositions are dense and meticulously arranged. Others are more sparse, ambient soundscapes. Instrumentation includes piano, violin, harpsichord, theremin, voice, celeste, percussion, bowed glockenspiel, accordion, bells, musical saw, an ancient wheezing pump organ, a nonagenarian typewriter, and cutups from wax cylinders (both freshly recorded or repurposed). Ninety-five percent of the material was recorded in a century-old Craftsman house, including ambient recordings of creaks, groaning floorboards, mysterious knocks and rustles. Both ultra-modern binaural recording techniques and antique devices were used to piece it all together.

Damsel Bruja taught me how to belly dance. We turned my mom’s living room into an impromptu dance studio. I believe we were still in high school (or maybe it was our freshman year of college?) Anyway. A feast for your ears and eyes. My favorite track from this album is “Mare Desidirii.”