RIP Horror International Film Festival Adds a New Category

Now hear this! Now hear this!

We all know that February is Women in Horror Month but the RIP International Film Festival decided that maybe more should be done for the ladies in horror. So What brilliant idea have they come up with? The RIP International Film Festival is adding a new category to their lists. Ready? It is the Best Female Filmmaker Award!

Festival Founder, L.J. Rivera says,

“I want to contribute to the empowerment of women working in the business for the advancement of the horror genre. Award winning female filmmakers like Maria Olsen, Adriana Polito, Patricia Chica, and Jessica Cameron are making the difference. We want to support the achievements of outstanding filmmakers like these who are creating some of the most exciting and innovative work in the genre, as well as promote undiscovered talent waiting to explode onto the scene,”.

Well I’m super excited! It may not seem like much, but this is a great start to show that The Business is taking women seriously.

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