Be Careful Who You Show “The ABCs of Death” To

I has recently come to my attention that teachers and substitutes today really need to be careful what they say and do. For example, I found out that a substitute teacher is being sent to jail for showing the film “The ABC’s of Death” to the high school students she was in charge of. The ages of the students ranged from 14 to 18 so I’m thinking that they’ve seen far worse on TV and the internet. Anyway, the Assistant Principle walked by and confiscated it. She was later arrested on felony charges for showing the movie. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail. For what, you ask? For “disseminating matter harmful to juveniles”. You don’t think these kids have seen worse on TV or the internet when their parents aren’t looking?

The film’s producers, Ant Timpson and Tim League, are pissed. It’s not that their mad that the school that their film was disgusting, but that Sheila Kearns(the sub) is going to jail for showing it. Did I mention that this is a felony? The film’s producers have started an Indiegogo account to help raise money for Kearns’ appeal. Having a 58 yr old grandmother going to jail for 90 days really doesn’t sit well with them. Their goal is $15,000 and, last time I checked, they were at $4,167.

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Do you think that this was the right thing to do? Was it really a felony showing a horror movie to students? If it is then my sisters 8th grade teacher needs to be punished. What she was 13, her teacher thought it would be brilliant to show Pet Cemetery to the class…my sister couldn’t sleep for a month after that.

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One thought on “Be Careful Who You Show “The ABCs of Death” To

  1. Meanwhile, teachers can still hold their jobs even though they physically and mentally abuse the young people in their care. I’d say let the kids decide…give them an opt-out choice of activity. Kids know, or will learn, what they like and don’t like, and what they feel they can handle. Help them build their sense of self, but also not pressure them into seeing something they feel scared of/can’t handle.

    Movies like the Alien series and other horror/sci fi films remain my favourites today because I got to see them when I was 11 or so…when I saw the first Alien (11-12 years old…) I was totally captivated and it laid the groundwork for a love of the sci-fi genre in films and books that continues to this day. I think the aspect of intellectual exploration and creative exposure to all different kinds of art and other sources of inspiration is what’s problematic in education today. But, I’m not a teacher. And would never be a teacher in the travesty that passes for “education” in American schools today, not after what I witnessed after a stint in public schools.

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