Give it Up for the Women in Horror!

Despite all the efforts women made to choose their careers, that damn glass ceiling keeps getting in the way. This month is to recognize women of the horror genre. Be it directors, writers, actors, playwrights, etc they deserve their time in the spotlight. Which brings me to Women in Horror Month.

Damsel Cannibal and I stumbled on this while goofing around on twitter and discussing how women aren’t getting the proper recognition within the industry. It’s infuriating. Trust me I can get on my soap box and talk about how Hollywood holds women back or how the literary industry can’t bare the thought of a strong heroine. But I’m not going to do that. I’d rather focus on what we, as artists or consumers, can do to change this way of thinking.

So take a chance to to browse the website and make a donation. The purpose of the site is to give exposure and other opportunities for women within the Horror community. You can also follow this site on Twitter or Facebook which I will provide at the bottom. Again, take a moment, educate yourself, and make a difference.

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