A Tale of Two Ricks

So I was recently given a copy of “The Walking Dead: Compendium One” as an early Easter present (thanks, Mom!). After reading it in a few days I came to realize the big differences between Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln and the Rick Grimes from comic books.

Let start off by saying that I saw the TV show first. I remember watching the series premiere with my cousin on Halloween and was totally blown away by it. I’ve been a fan ever since and have even made my dad a fan…and he’s famous for hating the monster genre! One of the biggest debates he and I have had is about Rick. I love Rick, I think he’s a good leader but sometimes he makes the dumbest decisions and it took him FOREVER to adapt to his surroundings.

Comic Book Rick is a different story. After reading my comic book, I loved Rick even more. Here’s why, he wasn’t afraid to make hard choices and he wasn’t afraid to defend his actions.

One major difference I noticed between the Two Ricks is that everybody thought that Rick was crazy when he killed an inmate to protect the group (see picture above). They were disgusted and kept repeating, “Rick, you’re losing your mind”…..Really? He just saved your ungrateful asses! As a person reading the situation you understand that Rick’s actions are right, they may be horrible in today’s society, but he’s doing whatever it takes to survive. Somehow the rest of the group didn’t get that.

In the TV show, the roles are reversed. We all remember that scene where Rick points a gun a Merle and says, “We don’t kill the living!” A few season later, Rick realizes that the greatest threat in the zombie apocalypse are humans. But not before he literally loses his sanity when Lori dies. I feel that the writer’s decided that out of all the people in the survivor group they chose Rick to be the example of humanity deteriorating.

I don’t know. All I know is, I love the Comic Book Rick more than TV Rick. Although, after watching the season finale when the group goes to Terminus, I think we’ll be seeing more of Comic Rick in the seasons to come.

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