Body Art: Scarification

Scarification.. I am the one who reached down and pulled you from perdition. -Castiel If thats not makeup or a tatt, then that is one devoted fan...and theres no denying that is going to look Awesome.

I love Castiel s handprint on Dean s arm. There's something so attractive about it...

Thanks to Damsel Cannibal, I was introduced to this type of Body Modification. Yeah…that’s the kind of conversations we have. Whereas most people would find this art disgusting and ugly, we think it’s beautiful. I was drawn to the picture above because I love the show Supernatural and any Supernatural fan will look at this and think of Castiel’s line “I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition”. I saw that and I thought, “If this is a tribute to the show, then that is one dedicated fan! COOL!” If not then that’s still awesome.

Anyway, Scarification is exactly how it sounds. It’s cutting pictures or designs into the skin so when it heals, a scar forms in it’s place for a permanent body modification. The results are breathtaking.

Gorgeous scarification back piece by Iestyn Flye at London’s Divine Canvas on client, Moniasse Sessou

To whoever can handle the pain of getting Scarification, I tip my hat to you. I’m such a wimp that I won’t get a tattoo even though I want one. Maybe I’ll just have to grid my teeth and bear it because I love tattoo art. No pain no gain. Anyway, Damsel Cannibal is thinking about getting one and I think that’s awesome. I would actually like to be there when she gets it just to see the process.

Not to sound silly, but I find something like this a bit spiritual. As Damsel Cannibal pointed out, this isn’t some new trend flooding America. This art has been around for centuries and has been a part of a number of cultures. I find it spiritual because of the dedication that you go through to have this procedure done. It…is…a…scar! It’s not like a tattoo where you can get a cover-up tattoo or have it lasered off when you don’t want it anymore. It’s not something you get on a whim because you were out on the town with your buddies. This is something that will last forever.

The more I look at it, the more I admire it and consider getting one. If I was brave enough to get one, I would get a pair of angel wings on my back. And not tiny wings either. Wings aren’t exactly an original idea but for me they are the perfect symbol. I have two reasons for choosing wings. Reason 1: Angels, to me, represent righteousness, compassion, and strength. These are values I was raised on and I love the idea of having this reminder on my back to live my life according these values, no matter how hard life gets. My second reason: These wings, as well as the scarification process, represent my freedom. I was raised in a very Catholic and Conservative household where Body Modifications are dirty and only sinners participate in such things. Getting these represents how I finally have a say with what I do with my life, what career I’ll choose, what I do with my body,  or who I’ll love. It’s my time to fly.

If that sounds cheesy then I guess it’s cheesy. But that’s just how I see most Body Modifications. It should be something that means something to you. Something that you will want to show off and something that represents you. I’m still trying to find the best place to get one without breaking the law(in most States it’s illegal).

What would you get if chose this type of Body Modification?


Damsel Bruja

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