Silent Baby Screams: A Review

Just the title alone was enough to make me say, “I have to read this”.  This is another story by Regina Puckett.

So this is about a new mother who adores her baby but her husband is a bit jealous. When she goes to work, she calls the babysitter to check in but Daddy Dearest didn’t drop the baby off. Now with her son missing one has to wonder. Did daddy kill baby? Or is she just paranoid?

I thought this short story was awesome! I’m not going to give too much away, but I do love twist endings! Normally stories about children are being hurt upset me. I don’t like seeing or reading about these things, but this story was mostly focused on every mother’s fear about losing her child. What makes the nightmare worse is that the prime suspect is the baby’s father.

Again because it’s a short story I can’t talk more about it without giving the rest of the plot away. Check it out! This one is definitely a blast to read.


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