Ours: A Review

 You know…I’m starting to like reviewing short stories. I found this one on my NOOK for a dollar so I thought “why the hell not?”

This short story was written by Regina Puckett. It’s about this cop who has to escort a group of paranormal investigators to an old insane asylum. While there he gets to see if the stories of the haunted mad house is real or is it just a fun story used for Halloween.

I was a little confused with what was going on. Maybe I was reading it too fast or something just got lost. There came a point where we see if it’s just one big joke or not. Somewhere along the way, the town decided to open the asylum and decorate it for Halloween so they could bring in some business. But then the paranormal investigators are there at the same time. Wouldn’t that cause some interference? I don’t know. I’m not saying it’s a bad story, I enjoyed it. I’m just saying I got a little lost somewhere along the way.

Anyway, feel free to check it out. Maybe you understand it better than I could.

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