The Gathering: A Review

You’d think I’d get tired of zombies but I’m still ready for more. What I found interesting is that this particular story is that it is set somewhere other than LA or New York. This was actually set in London and me being an Anglophile I was pretty excited. Anyway this short story run parallel to Marik’s novel End Storm.

This story focuses on a few people when the zombie apocalypse hits London. We see a mysterious cloud, a boom/earthquake, people collapsing, then getting back up and attacking people. We see Mr. Shah, James, James’ dad, and Alice. Each has their own perspective on the zombie disaster.

Since it’s a short story I don’t want to mention too many scenes otherwise I’ll ruin it for you. Anyway, I just loved how it started! With James running for his life in the woods. At first you think that the zombie apocalypse has already started or we’re right in the middle of it! But it turns out James is running from his dad because he thought it was brilliant to vandalize his headmaster’s car. Oooh! Good trick. They later witness the zombies’ rise on their way back to London. In London we see Mr. Shah going through another day at his shop. This slowly start to escalate as people collapse, get back up, and attack.

The mayhem was scary to read because of the mass panic, you know with people running everywhere and not knowing what to do. I thought Marik did an excellent job describing the being of this apocalypse and how the people reacted to it. I thought that Mr. Shah was a believable character and that’s how I like them.

This short story leads to two more and I will have those soon. I promise! But if you don’t want to wait for me why not go ahead and check them out for yourself. I got mine on my NOOK for free and I look forward to starting Marik’s End Storm saga once I get the chance.

Check out his website at:


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