The Woman (Review/Rant)

OK, minions. So I almost didn’t post this review because the movie pissed me off so much. A little background before we jump into it, shall we?

The Woman (2011) is based off of Jack Ketchum’s novel and is directed by Lucky McKee. It stars Sean Bridgers and Pollyanna McIntosh. Basic premise of the movie is about a family man who captures a feral woman he finds in the woods, locks her up in his garage, and attempts to “civilize” her. By “civilize,” of course I mean RAPE, TORTURE, and CANNIBALISM. I was so close to stopping the movie and chucking my remote control at my TV. Like seriously. How does shit like this get produced?

In the first five minutes The Woman (who is never named) kills a puppy, births a baby, and skips in the wilderness with a wolf—all accompanied by rock music and weird montages. Suburban Dad finds The Woman frolicking in the woods, shoots her, and chains her up in his garage. She bites his wedding finger off when he tries to touch her, which he then shouts: “That is not civilized behavior!” before knocking her out.

The family decides to keep The Woman in the garage. Because, you know, she’s so much better than a mountain lion and everything. (Yes, this is a direct quote)

We’re introduced to Suburban Dad’s ridiculous family. There’s Peg, the jailbait daughter who is pregnant (spoiler: Suburban Dad is the father!), Belle, the battered wife who is slapped, punched, and berated throughout the film, and finally Bryan, the 12-yr-old psychopath son who rapes The Woman just before tearing her nipples off with pliers. Dear God. I actually sat through the whole thing!

This film unsuccessfully tries to disguise rape/torture porn as some sort of morality lesson. It FAILED because I was offended and put-off. This is as anti-feminist and misogynistic as a movie could be. The constant torture is disgusting and has the potential to trigger. Unlike most horror films that allude to rape, this movie goes ahead and shows every glorifying detail. Power-hosing a woman who is chained to a wall and using pliers, nail guns, and other torture devices on her sexual organs is NOT cool. It’s not even horror at that point; it’s just gratuitous violence and rape.

This movie gets an “F.” I won’t be watching anything else this director puts out either.

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