A Blessed Unrest REVIEW

Creepy, ambient, and surreal… these are just some of the words that spring to mind when I think of The Parlour Trick’s album, A Blessed Unrest.  The video you see here is from the track, “Half Sick of Shadows.” Rachel Brice performs the mesmerizing dance. Taken from the band’s website:

The Parlour Trick’s first full-length release, A Blessed Unrest, is named after a well-loved quote by Martha Graham. Creatively and thematically, this album is very much a “Madwoman in the Attic” affair. Some of the compositions are dense and meticulously arranged. Others are more sparse, ambient soundscapes. Instrumentation includes piano, violin, harpsichord, theremin, voice, celeste, percussion, bowed glockenspiel, accordion, bells, musical saw, an ancient wheezing pump organ, a nonagenarian typewriter, and cutups from wax cylinders (both freshly recorded or repurposed). Ninety-five percent of the material was recorded in a century-old Craftsman house, including ambient recordings of creaks, groaning floorboards, mysterious knocks and rustles. Both ultra-modern binaural recording techniques and antique devices were used to piece it all together.

Damsel Bruja taught me how to belly dance. We turned my mom’s living room into an impromptu dance studio. I believe we were still in high school (or maybe it was our freshman year of college?) Anyway. A feast for your ears and eyes. My favorite track from this album is “Mare Desidirii.”


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