Which “Would You Rather” ?


Remember when you were a teenager and you went to a sleep over and you played a harmless game of “Would You Rather”?  Mostly your options were harmless, but in this film your options are a little more intriguing.

This film starts with Iris, a struggling young woman desperately trying to find money to pay for her brother’s cancer treatments. Her brother’s doctor tells her about Mr. Lambrick’s invitation to a dinner party where other unfortunate souls play a game and the winner takes home enough money to make their dreams come true. She agrees to go thinking it won’t be so bad…until she realizes that she’s not only playing for money, but she’s playing to keep her life.

I was impressed with this movie. It was intense because of the choices that were offered while playing the game. For example, “would you rather beat the person next to you with a whip or stab them in the thigh with an icepick?” Oh and did I mention that if you try to leave, the butler shoots you dead? You can see how scary this situation is.

I thought it was great because in the back of your mind your deciding for yourself which would you rather do. It also brought up some interesting points about the human condition. We all like to think that we’re the hero in any dangerous situation. You even see it in the news where the news anchor says, “Well, if I was there I’d have done something!” The one person in the group that was gun-ho about the game was seen as a villain, but really was she? She wasn’t willing to sacrifice her life for strangers, does that make her a bad person or just smart?

Anyway I totally recommend it! Would you rather watch this awesome movie or just skip it and think of what could have been?

Here’s a trailer!


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