Welcome Damsel Cannibal!


Favorite Horror Director: Quentin Tarantino

Favorite Horror Author: Edgar Allan Poe

Fun Fact: Cannot Be Tickled

Current Obsession: Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Rooibos Soy Milk Lattes, Corset Training

Salutations and crimson nightmares, my dear readers. I am Damsel Cannibal, your neighborhood Domina, man-eater, psychic, and professional storyteller. I’ve been published in many horror e-zines, anthologies, and small publishers. And I’ve sailed around the world enough times to know there are two kinds of people in this world: those who love horror and those who don’t.

Horror is such a misunderstood medium. Horror proponents are blamed for facilitating gratuitous violence in the media and for the rise of an aggressive, out-of-control culture. After all, if everyone just stopped buying violent movies and video games our society could prevent mass shootings and serial killings!

Ahem. Sound familiar?

At some point in your life, someone has tried to make you feel guilty for hanging that Freddy Krueger poster over your bed or for buying that Stephen King novel. Friends and family might have interrogated you or asked outright, “Why are you so obsessed with death and unpleasantness? Why can’t you just collect Pokémon cards like your cousin?”

To the uninformed, a love for ironic and macabre things seems strange. But it is false to assume all horror-lovers are obsessed with death and violence. If anything, we are the loudest celebrators of life! We just prefer not to live in an illusion where evil does not exist, where good guys always win, and where bad things never happen to good people.

People are capable of committing unspeakable acts of horror without inspiration from Marilyn Manson, Quentin Tarantino, or Clive Barker. Evil exists in all of us, and I choose to purge these dark impulses through fiction and film.

I write erotic-horror, gothic noir, and dark speculative fiction. My first novel, Tuesday Apocalypse, is an erotic-horror WWII story about nuns and tentacles. I like sex (with guys, girls, and vibrators), macabre aesthetics, and wearing red lipstick and tight corsets. You can visit my website vicycross.com and follow me on twitter @VicyCross, facebook, and my blog.

It was a pleasure to introduce myself and I hope you’ll stick around with the Damsels more often.


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