V/H/S/ 2: a Review


As far as original ideas go, V/H/S 2 is one of the best. I had some issues with V/H/S because the stories were too short and some of them were a little silly. But its sequel made me happy. Let’s start from the beginning…

The movie starts with a private investigator and his girlfriend looking for a missing college student. Their investigation leads them to an abandoned house where they find their target’s laptop with a video recording of himself and a stack of TVs with v/h/s tapes. While the PI looks around the house, the girlfriend decides, “Hey, why not watch some creepy tapes!” There are four tapes throughout the movie. The first is about a guy who can see ghosts with his new eye implant. The second is about a biker who gets attacked by zombies and becomes one. The third is about an Indonesian cult trying to summon Satan. The last is about a group of teens (and their cute doggie) trying to avoid getting abducted by aliens.

I enjoyed this movie as a whole. There were a couple of stories I didn’t like too well but they were still entertaining in their own way. I’ve always loved anthologies and this was a brilliant new take on horror cinema. The first story was pretty cool because the film footage was from the point of view of the main character at all times so you kinda felt like it was happening to you. The second video bounced around from the bicyclist’s helmet camera and a couple of other people’s cameras. The third bounced around from the cult’s security footage and the cameraman. The fourth, which I thought was creative, was film from the back of the teens’ dog! They strapped the camera to him as a prank and the story took off from there.

Out of all of them I like the zombie one the best because it shows different stages of turning into a zombie from the zombie’s point of view. The ghost segment was ok. It wasn’t great but it got you warmed up for the rest of the movie. The cult segment freaked me out a little because the church songs the cult was singing sounded like something the choir at my church sings (yikes!). The alien one I felt bad because the dog was whimpering and I hate seeing animals is any type of pain (not that real animals were hurt in the making of this movie).

The only problem I had with this movie was how did the “footage” manage to make it on a v/h/s tape? Most of the stories were filmed in present day with everyone having ipods, iphones, plasma tvs, and xbox. I don’t know much about technology but this seemed a little weird to be a v/h/s tape when they could’ve just been put on a disk. Oh well, I may be overthinking it but I think about these things when watching movies.

So if you enjoy horror, this is the movie to watch! It more fun to watch when you have a group of friends. Aliens, zombies, demons, and ghosts…oh my!

Here’s a trailer!


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